Upper Body Weight Training and Muscle Building Exercises

Upper Body Weight Training Exercises to Build Muscle. Workouts, best exercises and routines. Build wide shoulders, broad chest and back muscles to look bigger and fuller.

Building a great Upper Body is everyone's dream. Thick, broad shoulders and puffed up chest is the look what a Bodybuilder craves for.

Upper body Muscles include Deltoids, Chest Shoulders and Arms. Here I will show you the best Muscle Builders for your upper Body and workout plans to build them beyond imagination.

Training Delts - Bigger and Stronger Shoulders

Training Chest - Bigger and Stronger Chest Muscles

Training Back Muscles - Bigger and Stronger Back


Training Arms - Bigger and Stronger Biceps and Triceps

Training Delts

There are 2 basic Shoulder Exercises - Straight Arm Raises and Presses. These 2 are the primary functions of the shoulder muscles.

Basic Deltoid Muscle Builders -Shoulder Military Press and  Dumbbell Lateral Raises.

Additional Exercises for entire shoulder girth and thickness - Upright RowsBent over Lateral Raises and Front Raises.

Training Chest/Pectorals

There are 2 basic Chest Muscle Builders -Chest Press and Dumbbell Flyes.

Additional Exercises for overall chest development - Incline Bench PressDecline Bench Press, Pullovers and  Machine Flyes.

Training Back Muscles

3 movements are specific for back as it is divided in to Upper, middle and Lower back.

Upper Back Exercises -Chin Ups andShrugs

Middle Back Exercises -Barbell Rows

Lower Back - The good ol'Deadlifts.

Additional Back Exercises for overall thickness and fine tuning -Lat Pull downs,T bar Rows orSeated Rows,Hyperextensions and Good Mornings.

Training Arm Muscles

Basic Arm Muscle Builders - Barbell CurlsTriceps Extensions and  Forearm Curls

Additional Arm Builders -Dumbbell CurlsHammer CurlsKickbacks,Dips and Reverse Wrist Curls.

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