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ExerciseGoals.com is written and maintained by me. I am Hameed. Syd, an Exercise enthusiast who wants to share the best Weight Training Tips with anyone I can.

"The Purpose of My life is to help people achieve their Fitness Goals".

Exercising is my passion. It has given me life worth living. I always wanted to be a breathing example what Exercising can do to your body and Thanks to God, today I inspire people to change their Bodies inside out and outside in.

EG will provide you with the best Exercise Tips. I will help you analyze your Goals, provide you with a blueprint and then motivate you to start creating startling results.

I have tried my best { and continue to do so } to provide you with the best Weight Training practices of the fittest people on Earth.

Also I keep up to date with the latest in the Fitness industry{ from latest techniques to championships, from best facts to fictions}  so that you can be rest assured that if you visit this often you will never miss out on anything worth trying.

Also me keeping all the latest news will help you focus on training rather than falling for the latest gimmick.

I would love to hear any comments you might have as to how I can improve this website to help you reach your Health and Fitness Goals faster and more efficiently as possible.

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Good Luck on your Fitness Journey.

ExerciseGoals.com Team.

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