Leg Exercises - Best Thigh Exercises to Build Muscle Mass & Tone

Leg Exercises and workouts are the real key to strong, muscular legs

Learn the best Leg Exercises to Build muscular thighs & a lower body. Thigh exercises so strongly targeted, they'll leave you crawling on floor, waving goodbye to chicken legs forever.

From Bodybuilding to sports, strong Thighs are a must. Besides being the most powerful Muscles of the body, thighs are capable of great endurance. No wonder training legs is so demanding.

Many people including bodybuilders, skip training Legs, or do not give an all-out leg training effort, but many people do not have a proportioned body either.

For a full round development of the Legs, you need to train both the Thighs{ front } and Hamstring { Back } Muscles of the Leg. Also Calf Exercises is a must for a cool beach physique.

Key Points of Leg Training.

1. Leg training is demanding. Look up to this challenge with an eye of a tiger.

2. The Basic Muscle Mass Building exercise for quadriceps and gluteal muscles is Squats Exercise- an exercise regarded as the King of all Leg Exercises. If you cannot do Squats then goodbye Muscular legs. Period.

3. Make Squats and Leg Curls a regular part of your Leg training regimen. These are fundamental Lower body Exercises.

4. If you are particularly weak in Lower Body musculature, consider Weak Point Training with Priority Principle.

5. Also Check  Leg Workouts for more leg training points.

6. Absolute Must Leg Exercises

a. Quadriceps - Deep squats
b. Hamstrings - Lying and Standing Leg Curls. And Stiff leg deadlifts for advanced trainers.
c. Calves - Standing and Donkey calf raises

Now its time to learn the Best Leg Exercises


  1. Squats Exercise


    The squat is not known as the king of the lower body exercises for nothing. The exercise affects the muscles of the thighs, hips, buttocks and hamstrings. They are the best exercise for building a good butt, and are also known for strengthening the bones.

    Squats can be performed with just the body weight, or by using dumbbells or barbells. Using weights have been known to make for faster and bigger muscle gains.

    Execution: The exercise starts in a standing position with the legs shoulder width apart. If you are using a barbell you will have to lift it so that it is slightly resting at the top of your shoulders. If you are using dumbbells you should be holding them with both hands with the dumbbells at the level of your ears and your elbows pointing downwards.

    Then squat by lowering yourself down with your back straight until your buttocks are about the level of the knees or lower for more depth, holding at the bottom and then slowly rising again.


  2. Leg Press


    The leg press is one of the exercises that are important for building the lower body. It is especially useful for working the quadriceps, hamstring, gluteus maximus and the calves. The leg press is important for building strength in the lower body and the bones.

    It is usually performed by using a vertical leg press machine that uses weight plates or the cable leg press whereby the user pushes unto a plate that is attached to a pulley system which has a weight stack at the other end.

    Execution: To perform the leg press, select the appropriate weight and sit with your back against the leg support. It is important to keep your back straight so as to prevent injury. Then with your leg against the plate push until your legs are straight, then slowly bring your legs back to the slightly flexed position as at the beginning.


  3. Leg Curls

    Leg curl exercises are important for strengthening and building the hamstring muscles. The hamstrings can be used to define the strength of the lower body.The leg curls can be done with a machine or without one.

    One of the principal ways to do the leg curl is to lie face down with your leg under the pads.

    Then curl your legs upwards and when you are at the highest point, then you can slowly lower your leg down again to the starting position and repeat.

    Another variation is the sited leg curl machine. Sitting straight down on a leg curl machine, but your leg under the pads and lift, hold at the top and bring it back down again.

  4. Calf Raises { Seated and Standing}

    Calf raises are important leg exercises and will improve stability and balance. Calf raises can be done with just the body weight, free weights or with a machine. There are variations of the calf raise exercise. One is the standing calf raise exercise and the other is the sitting calf raise exercise.

    The standing calf raise exercise

    This version uses dumbbells or a barbell carried on your back. Stand on a stepper or a foot block of the calf raise machine with your toes on the block and the heels on the floor, giving a slanted starting position.
    Then lift yourself up so you are standing on your toes, and then slowly bring yourself back to the original position.

    The sitting calf raise exercise

    Sitting calf raises can usually be done with a sitting calf raise machine, but can also very much be done with free weights.
    Starting in a sitting position with your feet on a platform, and the padded plate on your thighs, lift your feet up by raising your calf, with the toes pressed against the platform. Then returning to the starting position.

  5. Hamstring Exercises
  6. Barbell Lunges / Dumbbell Lunges


    Lunges are important as part of the lower body exercises. They are exercises that can be done to give a firm and well rounded butt. The muscles involved here are the quadriceps and gluteal muscles. The most popular forms of the lung include the barbell lunge and the dumbbell lunge.

    The Barbell Lunge

    • Lift the barbell of the appropriate weight and place the barbell on the back, holding them at the sides.
    • Then lunge forward with the first leg( as if taking a giant step) and as you do this lower the body by bringing the other knee to the floor.
    • Making sure that your back is erect at all times, return to the starting position and then make the same move with the second leg.

    The dumbbell lunge

    • Dumbbell lunges are done carrying dumbbells instead.
    • The starting position is with dumbbells on each hand and standing in an erect position. Then lunging with one leg by stepping out the on the leg and flexing the other leg in a kneeling position.
    • Bringing the leg back to the starting position and then performing the lunge with the other leg.

  7. Dumbbell Squats

    The squat is one of the best exercises for training the lower body. It actually acts on the big muscle groups of the lower body. The different forms of the squat include using just body weight or by using dumbbells or barbells.

    Using the dumbbell, here is how the exercise is done;

    • Hold dumbbells in each hand in a standing position with legs shoulder width apart
    • Then bend at the knees , keeping your back as straight as possible
    • Descend until your thighs are at least parallel with the floor. You can go deeper if possible.
    • Then bring yourself up again.

  8. Frog Jumps Leg Exercise - Its Brutal when done right!


Optional Leg Exercises


  1. Front Squats
  2. Hack Squats
  3. Half Squats
  4. Sissy Squats
  5. Leg Extensions
  6. Donkey Calf Raises
  7. Barbell Hack Squats
  8. Wall Squats
  9. Farmer's Walk
  10. Hip Raises
  11. Hip Exercises

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Common Leg Exercises and Workouts Questions

1. My leg hurts when I exercise

Then you need to discontinue exercising. You may have a serious injury that should be treated by a doctor.

2. Areleg extensions good exercises?

Leg extensions are tremendous exercises for toning the front of the quads and for enhancing strength in the legs as well. In fact if you have an adjustable bench you can perform leg workouts on an adjustable bench like these.

3. What's the best exercise for buildingleg strength?

Without a doubt, the granddaddy of all leg strength exercises would be the barbell squat. Nothing makes you legs stronger and more powerful that squatting with a barbell. This is why the squat is considered the king of all lower body exercises.

4. How to aerobic exercise with a broken leg?

The best way to exercise with a broken leg would be to wait until it completely heals. The alternative would be working with a rehab professional to perform upper body exercises. Really, unless your doctor gives you an okay, you should not perform any exercises with that severe of an injury.

5. What is the best exercise to get stiffness out of leg when i walk after arthroscopic surgery?

Due to the unique nature of how each individual heals after a surgery, only a qualified rehabilitation professional can make such a determination. He/she can only do so after careful examination and evaluation. There is no blanket answer to this question. Check out  leg exercises for stiffness and weakness.

6. How to aerobic exercise with a brokenleg?

You certainly cannot perform aerobic training with a broken leg. Well, you may be able to perform some upper body exercises but you need to check with your doctor first. Unless you are given an okay from a physician, you should never exercise with a broken bone.

7. Are deadlifts a leg or back exercise?

They are both. However, the bulk of the exercise's benefit will be on the lower back. (Beware - improper performance of this exercise can cause serious injury) However, secondary stress will hit the front of the quads which, in turn, helps strengthen and define them.

8. Is jogging a good exercise for leg muscles?

Jogging is not only a good exercise for the legs, it is good for the entire body. However, the legs and buttocks will be stressed the most. This is why they will present a high level of definition when you perform jogging as a regular exercise.

9. Why is my leg and foot swollen after doing a new exercise video?

That is not a good sign! You may have sprained something! Seek out the advice of a physician if you have such concerns.

10. What is the name of upper leg muscles you exercise?

Commonly called the thighs, the proper name for the upper leg muscles are the quadriceps. You have both front and rear quad muscles. Check out  leg toning exercises for women.

11. What is the best exercise for leg muscles?

The greatest of all exercises for the leg muscles would be the barbell squat. Nothing builds up the legs more than this particular exercise.

12. Why am I getting leg cramps when exercise?

The answer to this can range. An injury could be the cause. A lack of potassium in the diet could be a cause. Consult with a health care professional for the answer.

13. What LegExercises can I do at Home?

How to do LegExercises at Home with and Without Weights? It is a common question for both men and women who want to get fitter doing at home exercises and workout. Lets find out best legexercises with and without weights here. Find more  Leg Exercises at Home without Weights.


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