Weight Loss Success Stories - It worked for me, it sure will for you too!!

by Laura Homockka
(New York)

Hi this is Laura from New York, and I was struggling with weight loss for almost 7 years!!

I was put on a program from my doctor, which didn't really end up to be such a success.

So, I tried running up and down 2 flights of stairs. (each have like 5-8 steps) I ran up and down for like 10 minutes a day.

I had about 1,800 calories a day. I was 259 lbs. Now I am 178 lbs.

That is my success story and it is 100% true!!!


How to use running and stairs running to lose weight

Though stairs running can be used by any one as a means of losing weight, it comes specially handy to people that are very busy and who do not have the time to go to the gym, and they live in a building with a high enough flight of stairs that they can use.

The higher the flight of steps the more challenging the exercise, however if you
don’t have a very long staircase on which to exercise on, increasing the number of rounds you do will have the same effect.

Many people that perform this form of exercise have found that the best time to perform this exercise is when they just come back home from work. They do this by running up the stairs, and then taking the elevator down again and repeating
the exercise or by going up and down on foot.

Sometimes it might be difficult to do it with your work clothes on, shoes and all; you could pop indoors and change to something more appropriate for working out.

One of the best ways to lose weight is in increasing the activity of your muscles. Increasing the activity of the muscles not only uses up energy and encourage the body to burn more fat (which consequently causes you to lose
weight), but running up and down the stars is aerobic activity which increases the amount of oxygen in the body, helping in the complete breakdown of the fats
in the body.

Techniques to make stair running more effective as a means to lose weight

• Sometimes stepping on each step will slow you down. Therefore when running stairs, if possible step on every other step which will enable you to take
longer strides; working your muscles to a greater degree.

• Try as much as possible to put your whole body to work. Swing your arms as you move your feet, go with your body and you will notice the difference.

• Use your toes when running. Step lightly on your toes or use the first half portion on your feet, but try as much as possible not to use the heel.

• When you exercise with stair running, start with a relatively few number of stairs and keep increasing as you go progress. You may do this also by
increasing the number of rounds that you do.

• Some people have been known to increase the difficulty of the exercise by carrying a backpack, or by using ankle weights which will also make the exercise more challenging as well as will develop the muscles of the feet which will in turn use the fat stores, causing an overall slimming effect.


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