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Common Exercise Database FAQs

Common Exercise Questions and Answers

The following are some frequently asked questions on exercise. The answers provided should help to clear up myths and misunderstandings. Chances are that if you are interested in exercise that you have asked at least one or two of these questions. These answers should clear up confusion about exercise.

1. Why do people not exercise?

There are many reasons people give for not exercising. Common reasons include being too busy and not being able to find the time, not having enough energy and not knowing how to exercise.

2. Do vibration exercise machines work?

Vibration excise machines can help to strengthen muscles and lead to sculpted muscles, but they will not help a person to lose weight.

3. When was exercise invented?

Exercise was not really invented. It has just existed since the beginning of time, whether it was intentionally done or not. It was in ancient Greece when exercise was formally recognized as a way to improve the body.

4. Why do we need to exercise?

The body needs exercise to help keep muscles strong, including the heart, so they can function properly. It also keeps the metabolism working at a high efficiency, boosts the immune system and help keep joints working properly

5. Why do my legs itch when I exercise?

According to professionals in the industry, itchy legs when exercising are due to the capillaries in the legs adjusting to the new blood flow in the legs of a previously inactive person. It may also be due to dry skin.

6. What is a healthy exercise heart rate?

A healthy heart rate during exercise is going to be about 50 to 60% of your maximum for a beginner. Your maximum heart rate is 220 minus your age.

7. Should a person with an enlarged heart exercise?

This question should be answered by a doctor. Your doctor is the only one that prescribes proper exercise for a serious heart condition, such as this.

8. Is exercise vital to healthy weight loss?

Exercise is important for healthy weight loss because it improves the metabolism, helps you burn excess calories so you can ensure you get enough healthy foods in your diet and helps increase your physical fitness.

9. The more you exercise the healthier you are. True?

This is kind of true. Regular exercise is more important that the amount of exercise. Most people need 30 minutes of exercise three times a week for optimal health benefits.

10. How to get fit using an exercise bike?

The best way to use an exercise bike is to ride at a high intensity for about 20 minutes. This high intensity training will get your body into fat burning mode.

11. What is 'Exercise is medicine!'?

This is a Public Action Guide that makes recommendations for exercise. According to the publication, it is recommended that an average adult gets 150 minutes of moderate exercise each week.

12. What exercise machines can I use while pregnant?

With your doctor's approval, a pregnant woman can use an exercise bike, an elliptical trainer, a treadmill or stair climber. It is important that machines used are adjustable for comfort and low impact.

13. How to eat before or after exercise?

Before exercise you should provide you with energy and a post exercise meal should be a mix of protein, carbs and fat.

14. Is it ok to exercise if pregnant with triplets?

This is a question best answered by your doctor. In most cases if you are otherwise healthy and the babies are healthy then you can probably do some light exercise in the first and second trimesters. However, any problems or complications may make exercise dangerous.

15. What are the equivalents of riding a bike to walking in exercise?

Generally speaking, one minute of the bike is equal to 187 moderately paced steps in walking.

16. How far is a mile on an exercise bike?

If you have a read out on your bike it should say when you reach a mile. However, if you are trying to compare it to running, then 3 miles equal one running mile.

17. How to buy an exercise bench?

When buying a bench you should choose a style that suits your intended routine. You need to make sure it is constructed well and that it has the features you need for your workout.

18. What are some considerations in developing a safe and effective exercise program?

You should get the approval of your doctor to be sure you don't have any physical limitations. You also should set goals so you know what types of exercises you want to do. Think about where you will work out and buy the necessary equipment or join a gym.

19. How to exercise on a small trampoline?

A small trampoline can provide a good workout simply by jumping on it for about 20 to 30 minutes. You can add moves like kicks, one leg jumps and marching to vary your workout.

20. How to use exercise machines?

Most exercise machines are straightforward in how to use them. Most have warnings and instruction written right on them. Locate the sticker with the instructions and follow all instructions.

21. Does walking provide exercise enough to widen the veins?

Walking can help to widen veins, but caution should be taken by anyone with veracious veins. Standing or walking too slow can cause problems with veracious veins.

22. Exercise when trying to conceive?

It is safe to exercise when trying to conceive, but you may want to consult with your doctor to find out how much exercise and what type of exercise you should do or avoid doing.

23. Tell me the reason that men should exercise to be healthy?

Regular exercise can help a man avoid high blood sugar, sexual dysfunction, shed body fat and increase heart health.

24. How exercise increases energy?

Exercise helps to increase energy because as you exercise your body adjusts its energy production to meet the needs. Thus, the more your exercise, the more energy your body produces.

25. What is the best exercise equipment for cardio health?

Any equipment that gets your heart rate up is good. This includes treadmills, jump ropes, elliptical machines and rowing machines.

26. How to exercise a torn pec muscle?

Exercising a torn pec muscle should be done slowly and only after proper stretching. Weight lifted should be minimal and you should work up to heavier amounts.

27. Pot belly stomachs and how to exercise with them?

It can be uncomfortable to exercise with a pot belly stomach, but you can pretty much do any exercise you want. Walking and swimming are great exercise to get you started.

28. What are exercises to help lose 15 pounds?

The best exercises to lose weight are cardio exercises, but you should also do strength training. Building muscles increases your metabolism, which means you burn calories all day instead of only when exercising.

29. Exercises to do at home?

Workout DVDs are a great at home exercise. You can also walk and jump rope.

30. Yoga exercises to help knees in people over 50?

Yoga can help to increase flexibility and make joint movement more fluid. Some good poses include the reclining mountain, the extended triangle and the chair pose, using a wall as support.

These FAQs about exercise are things that people ask often. They cover many different topics and should have answered some of your questions and helped you to better understand exercise.

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