Beginner Weight Training - Youth Exercises, Programs & Workout Routines

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Beginner Weight Trainers have lots of questions.

  • How much to train? How often

  • What the are best exercises?

  • Proper rep range and no. of sets?

  • How to Build Muscle Mass Fast?

This article will answer all these burning questions.

This articles includes Weight Training/Lifting tips for Beginners to help Build Muscle and burn fat.

Also you will discover Free Youth exercises, workout routines and Program Reviews to lift better, safer and reach your Muscle Gain goals.

Lets Get Started...

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Inside This Article

These questions are vital and you will find all the answers here including how to plan your won Personalized Weight Training Program.

But first the basics. Remember the stronger the basics the less the injuries and faster the results.

How Weight Training Works?

Weight Training and Strengthening the body depends on the concept of "Progressive Resistance Training". As you lift a weight over and over the body responds by becoming stronger and it does this by building additional muscle fiber size called Muscular Hypertrophy.

Weight Training Tips for Beginners

  1. Be Natural. The side effects and sometimes Life threatening consequences Steroids bring is not worth it. Its very much possible to add a considerable amount of Muscle mass without steroids and I will show you how.

  2. Master the basics. Do not try any advanced training methods until you master the basic exercises and training methods. There will be a time to add variety and advanced tips but first build some solid muscle. The Top 5 exercises have built more muscle and strength than all the dozens other put together.

  3. Be a tortoise and not a workout hopping hare. Many beginners start and change over many workout programs and end up with nothing to show for. Stay consistent, trust the system and you will see results.

  4. Do not follow the latest exercises in Muscle Magazines. If the magazines keep showing the same exercises they will be out of business. They keep adding variety of exercises and training routines to keep you juiced up for the next issue. Trust the best Exercises I reveal and you will be glad you did.

  5. Learn from the experts. Want to save years of trial and error? Marc David is called the "Beginners Expert". Just see how he is changing Beginner Bodies like never before. Recommends

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A 3-Step Plan to Build a Quality Physique for Beginners.

Step One - Master the Weight Training Basics

Step Two - Master Weight Training Diet

Step Three - Learn from the Experts - Muscle Building Program Reviews.

The Essentials of a Weight Training Workout.

A Weight Training workout essentially consists of Stretching &Warming Up and Resistance Training.

Step One - Stretching and Warm Ups

stretching for beginners

As a beginner you should first stretch your body and gain flexibility.

Stretching for at least 5-6 minutes must be an integral part of your Weight Training Workouts.

Stretching loosens the muscles making them contract and relax fully and gives you the best possible workout. Check the Stretching Exercises webpage and get a flexible body ready for some hard workouts.

Warm up exercises are Cardio conditioning ones and ensure that your heat and lungs are working to full capacity to provide your muscles with the all important blood supply so crucial to lift easier. A 5 minute Treadmill session will get you started.

Step Two - Weight Training Proper.


You will start with 2 warm up sets wherein you will lift not more than 50% weight for a particular exercise. Warm Up sets will give your muscles the feel and they will get ready for more weight. Also the blood starts flowing faster in the muscle group you are exercising after these warm up sets.

The Best Weight Training Exercises By body part for Beginners.

Now its time to learn the best Weight Training Exercises By body part.

Do not start a Weight Lifting Plan without these Basic Mass Builders.

I have given the best exercises by bodypart. If you want to train your body in full, check out the Full Body Workouts.

Building Chest Muscles.


Chest Training is essential for beginner weight trainers and the best exercise is the Flat bench press.

Add dumbbells flys which targets pectoral muscles even more and pullovers to get a good ribcage area. Click the links below to learn more.

  1. Flat and Incline Bench Press

  2. Dumbbell Flys or Peck-decks or Pullovers

Building Shoulder Muscles


Shoulders muscle exercises are the key to big, strong and lean shoulders. The two best for anterior and middle deltoids are shoulder press and lateral raises. Click the links below to learn more.

  1. Shoulder Barbell Press

  2. Lateral Raises

Building Back Muscles


You need to build upper back {lats}, middle back and lower back to get a muscular V-shape look desired so much by bodybuilders. Click the links below to learn more.

  1. Chin-ups/Lat Pull downs

  2. Bent-over-barbell rows

  3. Deadlifts

Building Leg Muscles

Building Leg Muscles

Strong and muscular legs are a must to look good in a pair of jeans and even more important if you want to excel in sports. Click the links below to learn more.

  1. Squats

  2. Leg Curls

  3. Calf Raises

Building Arms and Forearms

Building Arms and Forearms

Most often you might have joined the gym so that you can build might arms. Barbell curls, dips and wrist curls will help you build strong and muscular arms. Click the links below to learn more.

  1. Barbell Curls

  2. Dumbbell Curls

  3. Dips

  4. Triceps Pull downs/ Triceps Extension

  5. Wrist Curls

Building Abdominals

Building Abdominals

A six pack or a strong core, crunches and other exercises like leg raises are the best ones to get the job done. Click the links below to learn more.

  1. Crunches

  2. Reverse Crunches

Sets and Reps

Perform 3-4 sets per exercises keeping them in a  range of 7-10 reps.

Rest Periods

2 Minutes. This will allow your body adequate time to flush the toxins generated and let fresh blood flow in.

Other Essentials


Now that you have created a personalized Weight Training exercise plan you need to ensure that your Gym efforts are not wasted. Muscle Building Nutrition is absolutely crucial if you want to make any progress.

Prior to starting Weight Training its best that young people should be evaluated by a doctor and sports medicine specialist.

Proper Use of Equipment is crucial to stay injury free.

Mix and match your weight training with dumbbell exercises and Bodyweight Exercises.

Also Check Weight Training Workouts to pick a sample 3-day, 4-day and 5-day workout plans.

Expert Advice

Important - Do Not re-invent the wheel. Save years of your time in the gym by following Marc David's "Beginner Bodybuilding Program' to build the best body you can.

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Weight Training is an amazing Journey. Many people just want to get the end results and hope that only then they can enjoy life. Remember the "Journey is the reward". Help a few people at the gym, make few new friends and enjoy the process of Muscle Building. It will be fun. Dive in, Trust me the water is just fine.

If you are still unsure about Weight Training, then read more about the Benefits of Exercise, The Importance of Exercise and the various Types of Exercises you have as an option. But beware never fall for Exercise Addiction.

To Your Success.

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Common Beginner Weight Training Exercises Questions and Answers from Visitors

1. Which is a good beginner exercise program for men?

A beginner should start with a well rounded routine. This includes stretching, strength training and aerobics. Many beginners are out of shape, so they need to start slow and go for low intensity. If you are in high school, check out high school weight lifting tips.

2. Are there any good beginner exercises for obese people?

Many obese people never get started working out because they are so out of shape that they just don't know what they can do. Walking is a great beginning exercise. It works the whole body and can be done at any pace. Any low impact exercise is good to start with. Strength training can be good, too, as long as weights are light.

3. How long and when should a beginner rest during exercise?

The key here is to rest when your body tells you to. You want to pay attention. If your muscles are fatigued and you feel like you can't do another rep, then rest. As for how long to rest, you should rest long enough to recovery a bit, but not fully. If you start reps again and feel fatigued too soon then you are not resting enough. If you breeze through the reps then you rested too much. It is all about listening to your body.

4. Any free beginner exercise videos I can view online?

There are many free videos online. Try video upload sites, social networking sites, websites dedicated to fitness and do searches for free exercise videos.

5. Any Good beginner exercise DVD or videos?

There are many good DVDs on the market. The key is to find one with an instructor that you like that is a video made for beginners. Also look for a video broken into segments and that has an instructional section that breaks down and explains the moves that will be used in the workout.

remember you can add pilates to weight training too.

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