What to Look for in a Gym - It can make the Real Difference


The exponential growth of Weight Training has led to opening of hundreds of gyms.

But are all gyms the same?


Don't even enter a gym before reading these must have facts on equipments & Gym Membership.


From High School  kids to university professors and from recreational bodybuilders to Olympic Athletes, Weight Training is creating some amazing changes.

As easy as it is to find a gym, not all gyms qualify to be "The One" for you.

Gym Memberships are available today on weekly, monthly and Yearly Basis.

What to Look for in a Gym

1. Size does Matter

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Both Gym size and Members size - Nothing is more frustrating than waiting for turns and see your body cool down. The Gym should have good size and Weight Training and Aerobic Section should be separate.

2. Proximity - Always ensure your gym is close to your home or office if you exercise at lunch. You do not want your lazy thoughts like, "the gym is too far" or "today traffic is hectic".

3. Are the Gym Trainers Certified? Its best if they are Certified by either ACE, NSCA or ACSM.

4. Atmosphere and other Gym Members

Don't get too fancy here. Remember why you want to come to Gym. Get your work done and get out. Clean carpets, good lights and Yes, Music. Music always helps. Nothing is more exciting than Eye of the Tiger behind your tough Bench Press or push you on that treadmill.

Don't join a gym with too many seniors or rehabilitation member unless you are one of them.

Its obvious to avoid gyms in high traffic areas for air pollution reasons.

Also make sure you pay your gym a visit at a time when you schedule to exercise daily. If the gym is too crowded then you can change your schedule.

5. Look for all the equipments

If you want to make the most out of a gym then it should have ample supply of Free Weights, Dumbbells, Benches, Treadmills and Aerobic Section.

Do you like a few Cable sets? Want to do lots of bench moves and free weights?. Look for all these features before you join.

6.The Gym Coaches

Most of the well equipped Gyms do have their own Coaches to help members lift better and smarter. Always ask the coach to watch your movements during exercises and correct you if necessary.

7. The Gym-Chain

Many world class gyms have a chain of gyms and a member can workout at any of their branches. This is an added benefit for traveling people.

8. Other Factors to consider

Factors like proximity, other related facilities like a sauna or massage may or may not be your bother. But lockers, bathing areas and changing areas are a must.

If you are a parent ask for day care if available. Its a good way to let your kids get involved in active lifestyle as well. Kids learn by seeing don't they?

9 All said and done do not forget word of mouth help. Ask anyone whom your admire or would like to train with where they train and if you can be training partners.

Enjoy the Workouts

Many experts say that gym is not a place to socialize. I partly disagree.

I have found my best friends at my gym. Gym is a great place to meet like-minded people, only if you know how not to get distracted.

These Gym friends can become Trainingpartners, helping each other grow beyond their imagination. Motivation is a great factor and a training partner can just provide that at the right time.

Also it makes your Exercise Goals a little more pleasurable. Remember the Journey is the Reward. Enjoy the stay at gym. Train hard with your best intensity, help others with a push here and a push there. You will love your new friends.

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