Body Type / Somatotypes - Ectomorph, Mesomorph or Endomorph

Bodybuilding Body Types Endo, Meso & Ectomorphs

Before you start planning your weight training workouts its very important to know your body type. Muscle Building & Weight Loss Tips for Ectomorph, Mesomorph & endomorph training.

Learning your Body Part

Weight Training depends upon the different Body types. Various Body types are being divided in to what is called the Somatotypes. Its very essential to know which body type you fall into as the entire weight training plan changes with each body type.

1. Ectomorph - Skinny with thin muscles. Hardly any body fat.
2. Mesomorph - with a Solid Muscle Structure.
3. Endomorph - Round face, chubby cheeks and heavy fat on body.

Many of us are a combination of more than one body type.

Ectomorph Weight Training.

The main goal for an Ectomorph is to Gain Muscle mass.


1. Perform more Compound Exercises with a rep range of 4-8.
2. Train with heavy intensity
3. Quality Muscle Building Nutrition is very crucial.

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Mesomorph Weight Training

The main Goal of a Mesomorph is to Build overall physique. Its relatively easy for him/her to build muscle.

Suggestions -

1. Concentrate on Isolated Exercises more so that you get a perfect physique, well proportioned.
2. Be strict with calories lest you will gain fat easily.

Check theMuscle Building Exercises Section to create a Muscle Building Workout Plan for you.

Endomorph Weight Training

The main goal for an Endomorph is tolose fat while keeping muscle loss to a minimum.

Suggestions -

1. Perform Compound Exercises with a rep range of 10-12.
2. Aerobics or Cardio-vascular Conditioning is the only way to lose fat.
3. Eat high Proteins and count your calories especially carbohydrates and fats.

Check theWeight Loss Exercises Section to create a Weight Loss Workout Plan for you.

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