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Best Weight Loss Diet and Nutrition Tips to Lose Weight Faster. Weight Loss Foods to Burn even stubborn fat & tone Muscles. Tips on planning Weight Loss Meals.

Proper Diet to Lose Weight is the best way to lose fat permanently. Coupled with Fat Burning Aerobic Exercises and proper Weight Training to Lose Weight, proper Weight Loss Nutrition will help shed you weight faster than you ever thought possible.

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The Infamous Weight Loss Diets and why dieting is the worst way to lose weight.

Fasting seems to be the quickest way to lose weight. But for every pound of weight lost, you lose 60% muscle and only 40% fat. Its certainly undesirable!

Weight Loss Diets have a feeling of Hunger, craving for fatty foods and high discipline attached to them. It is not so. Dieting is the worst way to lose weight. Its like taking a pain killer for fracture bone. The pain goes away just to come back strongly.

Why diet yourself to death when all you are eating are the right foods?

Never eat yourself to a 12 week transformation. Its a great way to gain short term pleasure but you will have along term pain to deal with. Unless you develop a few basic proper eating habits, you will never permanently lose weight.

Did I scare you? Don't be scared. I will show you an amazing eating plan which you can use in your daily life to lose weight & gain energy.

Tips on planning your Weight Loss Diets

When eating to Lose weight remember your main goal is to lose maximum fat while preserving as much muscle as possible.

A high carbohydrate diet coupled with high saturated fats is the real reason people gain excess weight. Its never fat alone, especially today as we see high simple sugar diets coupled with high saturated fats being the norm.

Best no B.S. Weight Loss Tips

  1. Never diet yourself as you are only eating the right foods.

  2. Eat fewer calories. general guideline is to eat 10-12 times {the calories} your body weight in pounds. Eating fewer calories is the best way to Lose weight. When you eat less, you store less. And when you add Cardio you will burn the excess stored fat thus getting leaner.

  3. Continue to eat sufficient amount of Proteins. At least 1g protein per pound of Body weight or 30-40 % of total calories. High protein diets are highly metabolism inducing and fat burning.

  4. Eat Protein at every meal. Eating protein at regular intervals, preferably 5-6 times a day will help you avoid slowing of metabolism and reduce hunger pranks.

  5. Reduce your fat intake and increase your fiber intake. Eat fiber at the start of every meal. This reduces the amount of food you eat thereafter. Take essential fatty acids like Udo's Choice oil or Flaxseed oil 1-2 times a day. Alternatively you can eat 3-5 servings of fish weekly.

  6. Reduce and better yet eliminate processed foods from your diets. Avoid ice creams, fries and colas from your diet. Remember 1-2 such meals can push your Weight Loss efforts by as much as 1 week!

  7. Increase your water intake. Your cardio and weight training workouts will drink up a lot of water. Make sure you replace them.

The Macronutrient ratio to burn fat

I will make it plain and simple. Eat a diet which is approximately 40% carbs, 40% proteins and 20% fats.

These rules are not set in stone. Try to be as close as possible without breaking your head!

Note - Do not avoid fat altogether. Fats are essential for health as they help vitamin absorption, and good fats like unsaturated ones help increase good cholesterol levels { HDL Cholesterol}. Unsaturated fats like those found in olive oil, avocados and nuts although contains same number of calories as saturated fats per gram but these calories are excellent for your health and heart. Avoid trans-fats found in cakes, sodas and processed baked goods altogether, except cheat meals.

The Best Weight Loss Foods

Rice, potatoes, Oats, Lean meat, egg whites, Whey protein powders and fish or flaxseed oils are the best way to go to lose weight.

Click here to learn more the Best and Worst Weight Loss Foods.

Double your weight loss results by adding the Best Weight Loss Exercises

Eating less calories will work in itself to lose weight. But why not double your efforts by adding the Best Weight Loss Exercises?

Also I suggest you triple your efforts by adding Weight Training for Weight Loss Exercises.

The Amazing Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle Program

Burn the Fat and Feed the Muscle is an excellent program for anyone who wants to lose weight. Tom Venuto in my opinion has written a history making ebook program. No wonder BFFM program has become the bestselling fat loss program ever.

Click here to read a Complete unbiased review of BFFM{ Read review to find out more as it may not be for few of you as discussed in the review}.

Click here to read more about the BFFM Program.

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Common Weight Loss Diet Questions and Answers – FAQs

The following are some weight loss questions and some questions about women's training. This should address the frequently asked questions and hopefully clear up some of the things you have been wondering about getting your body in shape.

1. Is a Betafuel diet a healthy way to lose weight?

Betafuel is not a healthy option for weight loss. This product contains ephedra and is not sold in retail stores. Even if you do take it, weight loss may be quick at first, but then it slows way down and doesn't produce good long term results.

2. How does the LA weight loss diet work?

The LA weight loss diet is a subscription program where you are provided with coaching to help you lose weight. Your main diet program is designed just for you. The diet also involves using special juice and diet bars to assist with weight loss.

3. What is the best diet today for weight loss?

The best diet is not something that can be pinned down because the best diet for each person may different. We each have our own needs, habits and shortcomings that made us gain extra weight. The best diet is the one that addresses your needs and also one that you can stick with and turn into a life long way of eating.

4. Any Pregnancy diet that will ensure fast weight loss after pregnancy?

Dieting after pregnancy can be difficult, especially if you are breast feeding, because your body's calories needs are higher. The best way to lose excess baby weight is to eat healthy and drink plenty of water. You also can't exercise, whether you are breastfeeding or not for at least six weeks or until your doctor gives you the okay. You have to really focus on eating only low calorie foods, that are packed with nutrients to lose weight.

5. What is the best diet program to do with the phentremine weight loss pill?

Phentremine is a hoodia product. There really is no specific diet that will boost results. A simple healthy diet is the best choice.

6. Does more protein increase your weight loss on HCG diet?

The HCG diet is a low protein diet, so increasing your protein intake actually hurts your results.

7. How good is the Envision Advanced Complete diet weight loss program from Complete Nutrition?

Like any program that includes a healthy diet and regular exercise, results from the Envision Advanced Complete program can be great, but you have to stick with the program and follow all the rules to get results.

8. Can weight loss from Dr Cohens 1st Personal Diet be maintained?

With  sensible eating and regular exercise results should last with only slight weight gain even once you go off the diet.

9. How much weight loss should I expect with a 1200 calorie diet?

It depends. If your body needs more than 1200 calories a day then you may not lose anything. Most people need at least 1200 calories a day to function. When you go on a low calorie diet you may see weight loss in the beginning, but quickly your body adjusts and goes into a mode where it won't lose any weight at all.

10. How to accelerate weight loss on HCG diet?

The best way to increase weight loss on the HCG diet is through adding exercise. However, you have to be careful and not over-exercise. Start slow and back off on the exercise if you start feeling sick or fatigued. Avoid strength training and stick with easy exercise like waling or swimming.

11.  Does Apple Cider Vinegar Work for Weight Loss?

Find out If Apple Cider Vinegar has any Health Benefits and if it can be used for Weight Loss.

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