Stationary Cycling & Indoor Cycling Techniques to Lose Weight

Stationary Cycling is a great cardiovascular exercises and a good alternative to outdoor cycling when weather doesn't permit. If you don't like jogging then get on the stationary bike for efficient Cardio Workout.

Stationary Cycling Advantages

  • Although Cycling outdoors is a great way to workout constant traffic, signals and air pollutions can play spoil sport. Not to mention adverse weather conditions.
  • Indoor Stationary Cycling can be a handful here. You can also use Stationary Cycling to cross train between various aerobic and cardio activities like treadmill running and rowing machines.
  • People with knee and back problems find recumbent stationary bikes easier and better than cycling outdoors.
  • Newer computerized ones with air resistance and fancy gadgets are available. Make sure you as the instructor to demonstrate it to you.
  • Stationary Cycling is a great exercise to increase cardiorespiratory (heart and lung) health, decrease your body fat, reduce risk of heart disease, lower risk of injury, and improve low back muscle endurance.

Stationary Cycling Techniques - 5 simple steps

  1. Stretch your back, hamstrings and calf muscles for 3-5 minutes before you get on the bike. This will prepare your muscles for the workout.
  2. Check for seat adjustments. The best height is at a level where you legs are nearly fully extended when pedaling. Avoid full leg extension.
  3. Start at slow speed and maintain it steadily for a few weeks. Let your body get used to the feeling. This is especially important if you are new to aerobic fitness as most people are.
  4. Increase your pedaling speed gradually. You can also add arm work like dancing or pumping weights. Slow strengthening exercises with elastic bands also helps.
  5. To add variety stand up and pedal as if you were biking uphill.

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