Fasting Weight Loss - Is Fasting for Weight Loss Useful


Fasting and Starvation Diets for Weight Loss are common but are they useful in the long term Weight Loss Goals? Discover the myths and facts about Weight Loss using Fasting.

You on a Diet

Let me take a guess... After trying manyWeight Loss Programs you have come to the conclusion that food is the real enemy so you better start to starve and give your body nothing to store!

That's a good thought for a starters but once you know how your body operates and you discover how your body responds to starvation diets I am sure you will have a clear head as to what Weight Loss methods work and what do not!

Scenario - You are unhappy with being overweight and as a desperate move taken up dieting. You skip breakfasts, just eat salad at lunch and a smaller meals made up of soup, vegetables and a baked potato for dinner. Gosh if you don't lose weight now then the only reason could be the Higher Power are against you. Right? Or is it voodoo!

How your Body sees Dieting

Dieting and eating too low calories takes your body to prehistoric times. Our metabolism has evolved with us and knows how to tackle starvation, i.e. it has learnt ways to deal with days without foods and that is by hoarding food as body fat as soon as you stop eating {It thinks you are not getting food, or else why would you purposely starve your cells}.

As you continue fasting your metabolism slows down. Its just your bodies' adaptation response to save calories so that it can survive without foods for longer times.

If it was not enough, your body looks for muscle for calories. Hey its needs energy for your long work hours. And of course you are angry all the time, screaming and kicking. It all needs energy you know!

And finally its weekend and you have to reward for a week without almost no food then you start binging. A cake perhaps, may be two with lots of ice cream and of course soft drinks.

You see what is happening?

You are actually forcing your body to store fat. But not from today. You just didn't knew that information.

I hope I have dispelled the belief that if you eat less or starve yourself then you will lose weight.

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