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Running is an excellent cardio exercise to Lose Weight.

It not only burns calories but is also a great way to get started in to any Cardio conditioning program.

This article reveals my top Jogging tips. But I will also help you progress from jogging to interval training for faster fitness results.

New to the world of Cardio and Aerobics?

Are you new to Cardio Training? Confused by the fancy terms like Interval Training, High Intensity Cardio Training and Cross Training?

Don't worry as I will help you get started with simple Running/Jogging workouts before I push you in to the high intensity workouts.

Running is a great aerobic exercise.

It is low impact, calorie burning, requires no special equipment{ except jogging shoes} and you can get started immediately without any special training.

My Top 7 Running for Weight Loss Tips

  1. Proper running shoes are a must. Don't just buy any shoes, buy running shoes from specialty stores with help from the salesman or sales manager.
  2. Start by proper stretching your lower back, calves and shoulder muscles.
  3. Start at a steady pace like a jog before you run faster.
  4. Run at a pace that is sustainable for at least 20 minutes. This does not include initial warm up stretches and later cool downs!
  5. Continue to  breathe smoothly. Never run so fast that you cannot catch your breath or talking becomes difficult.
  6. Use the Talk Test to determine how hard you are working. You should run at speeds such that you are able to carry on normal conversation in short sentences without gasping for air.
  7. Training aerobically means that you are doing rhythmic, continuous and large muscle activity and able to sustain it for at least 20 minutes.

Where to Run?

Stadiums are a great place as there are no obstructions. Also you can run in a gym with track facility or along the sidewalks. Make sure there are not many twists and turns. Running uphill is also a great way to add variety.

Running in Place - If you need to run indoors then running in place is for you.

How Long should you run for Weight Loss Results?

As I said that you need to run at least for 20 minutes.

Women should work longer, preferably for 30 minutes.

If you find maintaining your run routine difficult then use Walking as a starting point.

Don't worry 6-8 weeks down the line you can start running.

First you need to build your stamina to a minimum level before you jump to more advanced workouts.

Warning - Although Running is a great way to exercises, everyday running 6 days a week can be harmful on your joints. Make sure you cross train and use treadmill or bicycle for 1-2 days to add variety to your workouts.

Calories burned in Running Activities

Running in Place - Burns about 500 calories in one hour training.

A 5 Mile per hour speed running burns about 520 calories.

A 10 Mile Per Hour run burns about 1100 calories.

Advanced Running Workouts

Ultimately Weight Loss is about burning calories. High calorie burning with proper Strength Training and nutrition is the best way to lose weight long term.

Use the High Intensity Interval Training Workouts for more Advanced training.

Running as an aerobic activity lays the groundwork for Advanced Cardio Training methods like Interval Training. Recommends - Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle

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