Exercise Goals - A Surefire Guide to reach Muscle Building & Weight Loss Goals

Zig Ziglar said it right "Setting Goals makes you a meaningful specific rather than a wandering generality".

Have you noticed that many people go to gym and year after year they remain the same! I used to be one of them. Maybe you are in that boat. But not from today.

I will share an amazing 7 step formula to reach all your Exercise Goals and put you far ahead of others on the same journey. Many people skip this exercise, but many people do not reach their Fitness Goals either. So don't skip this.


7 Steps to Build Quality Physique - Fitness and Exercise Goal Setting

Take clean sheet of paper and write the following 7 steps with answers. At the end you will have a master blueprint for your Weight Training Journey Journey with Our Diet and Fitness Goal Setting Exercise . Its time to get serious now.


Step 1. Decide exactly what you want - Exercise Plans for Specific Goals

Decide exactly what you want to accomplish. Is it to build 20 lbs of muscle or lose 20 lb it doesn't matter as long as you are clear. Get Crystal Clear about your goal.

Write down your goal with a deadline.{ A general guideline is to gain/lose 1 lb muscle per week }

An example of a good goal would be to gain or Lose 10 lbs Bodyweight in next 8 weeks. Remember the goal should be realistic. Remember you are working drug-free so be realistic. Mind you 10 lbs bodyweight change will change the way you look.

Also remember Adult Fitness Goals should be different from Kids Fitness Goals.


Step 2. Analyze your Position and Habits.

Just write down your present weight, body fat % and what your daily eating habits are. What is your level of your Current Exercise activity? What habits stop you ? What habits help you ?

In general analyze where you stand in your Exercise Goals Journey.

Have Measurements of:

Body Weight ______ lbs
Percent Body Fat _____ % {using Skin Fold Calipers Testing }
Chest ______ in
Arms ______ in
Waist ______ in

Fitness Tests - Also perform Strength Testing, Endurance Testing and Flexibility Testing.

This way 4 weeks later you can evaluate how well you are doing in all the 3 critical areas of fitness.

P.S. - If you very serious about your fitness goals, as you should be I suggest you take photos for better comparison. Weighing scale might cheat but not the mirror!

Take 3 photos of yourself, all in standing position. These should be full length photos from front, back and side views. And if you follow all my exercise and diet tips, you will be sending me testimonial pictures soon!

Step 3. Master Best Weight Training Exercises

Weight Training for Muscle Building/ Weight Loss  has a specific purpose. Hey I have build you an entire Website to help you select the best exercise plan and how to work your plan.

The Weight Training Exercises section will take you by the hand and create a specific Personalized plan for you.

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Step 4. Create a Blueprint of Action Plans

  • I will Exercise every morning  ___ number of days per week

  • I will eat 4-6 balanced meals throughout the day

  • I will restrict junks/cheat meal to once per week

  • I will drink ___ glasses of water per day

Now this Blueprint will serve you as a guideline and you should try your best to meet the list. Remember its progression and NOT perfection you seek. Forward movement is what counts.


Step 5. Monitor progress with Weight Training Journal and Progress Reports.

Going Blindly will not yield results. Remember Hope is not a strategy. When you embark on a journey its critical to analyze how you are doing.

Measure your Body Weight, arms, chest and Abdomen measurements every 2 weeks. Less than 2 weeks is too early to judge the diet is working for you or not. And more than 2 weeks means you are losing time. Remember,

"The Smaller the Goals, The Bigger the man/woman".

In addition to setting overall, quarterly and monthly or weekly goals you should have daily goals and live your Fitness life one day at a time. Don't tell me what your 12 week goal is. Tell me what you are going to accomplish today? That will determine if you will ever achieve your goal more than anything.

Example of smaller goals,

  • 2 extra reps than your last workout today.

  • Adding 5 pounds to your bench press.

Measure your goals in days and ounces and not necessarily in weeks and pounds. Use ourWeight Training Journal/Exercise Goal Setting Worksheet/Forms to accurately measure your goals. Remember,

"Take care of the Ounces and the pounds will take care of themselves".


Step 6. Make Course corrections when necessary.

A General guideline of losing or gaining one pound per week is an excellent guideline. This will ensure that most of the weight you gain is muscle or lose is fat.

If you are not gaining/losing weight as expected then its time to increase/decrease calories around 200-400, increase intensity in workouts.

"Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment" - Jim Rohn.


Step 7. Pass the Persistence Test

Patience and persistence is what separates Bodybuilding from other sports. Ask any bodybuilder what did bodybuilding teach them and they invariably reply "not to give up". Persistence is like muscle, the more you practice the more you develop. Give me a guy who is 80% correct with diet and training but 100 committed over any guy who is 100% correct with regards to diet and training and 50% committed.

Is 2- 4 weeks too much to ask for? You have been unfit all your life. Will you not commit 4 weeks to start seeing changes in your body which will encourage you to keep on? Of course you will now. Nothing succeeds like success. Small victories{ like 4 weeks consistency} will give you a positive reinforcement . Just give it a try for 4 weeks and I promise you will never look back.

Stay Focused on you goal and make a habit to write down your goal every single day without fail. Not many people follow this simple advice but not many people do have their dream bodies either.

There you have it, the 7 steps to reach your Exercise Goal. Start today and never stop until you reach you goal and when you do send me the good news with your story through my contact me page.

And a Big Tip here - Enjoy the journey towards your Exercise Goals. Make new friends in the gym, have fun with workouts, get around fit people and give your best in the gym and the eyes will keep rolling on you outside the gym.

Good Luck friend.

Next Step for you is to select the your Goal. Your goal might be one of the Big 2, Muscle Building or Weight Loss.

Check these 2 sections to learn how can you blast through limitations and steer ahead to reach your Goals.

Muscle Building Section   | Fast Weight Loss Section.

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