Gym Etiquettes - Be a Gym Addict But of the Loved One Type - Top 10 Tips

Top 10 Gym mannerism tips to take to your gym along with your attitude today. Train harder, safer and maintain you hygienic standards for a better and infection-free workout.

You love exercising and hit the weights harder than anyone, now its time to make sure your buddies think you are not only a gym addict but also the loved one type. Here are my top 10 gym mannerism tips.

Gym Mannerism 101 - Top 10 {actually 13 } tips

  1. Always wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water or an alcohol-based hand sanitizer before and after workouts, which is the best defense against becoming infected.
  2. Keep all cuts, scrapes, and wounds clean and covered with an appropriate bandage.
  3. Avoid all contact with the wounds and bandages of other individuals.
  4. Never share personal items, such as razors or towels.
  5. If the gym does not provide antiseptic disposable towels, disinfected sprays or wipes to clean equipment, bring your own and wipe down before and after use. Note: According to Green, using a towel alone to remove perspiration from equipment does not protect against infection.
  6. Bring a towel to use as a barrier to your skin and any contact surface on shared equipment. Always place the same side of the towel face down on the contact surface of the equipment. Use a different towel to wipe sweat off the body.
  7. Use liquid soap dispensers instead of bar soap when showering.
  8. Sit on a towel in a locker room or sauna to avoid direct contact with the benches.
  9. Cover any exercise mat with a clean towel or bring your own mat.
  10. Never touch your eyes, nose, or face during a workout, since most germs are transmitted that way.
  11. Make sure the health club is clean and well-ventilated.
  12. Ask the staff to outline the facility's cleaning and disinfection policies and procedures.
  13. Avoid exercising at the gym when you're sick to prevent spreading your germs to other gym members. Recommends - Building Muscle Program

Dont Set your foot in the Gym before you read this!

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