How to select proper lifting weight - determine training loads correctly



Many people email me to ask this question! They say has helped them get started easily, they know how to stretch and have selected best exercises but do not know how much weight to lift. This article is in response to those queries.

Here is a simple 3 step formula to determine your starting training load.

In determining correct weight training load always remember repetition range is the key. For Muscle Building best rep range is 6-8 reps per set. For Muscular endurance training a higher rep range of about 10-12 is best.

This rep range should be kept in mind when determining training loads as your goal is to fail in this range.

Step 1 - Select the best Exercise for the body part you want to train. The Exercise Selection Article will help you do this easily.

Step 2 - Determine a warm up weight. I am sure you know the importance of proper warming up. If no then read the Warm Up Exercises article.

This weight is just a trial load. Make your best guess. You should pick a weight which allows you to do at least 20 reps and yet not be fatigued much. This is your warm up set and it sets the tone for your future workouts.

In your first set after warm up, now that since you have an idea select a weight which allows you to do at least 10 reps. Remember its not only the weight but also the training reps which makes weight training work efficiently.

Step 3 - Record the actual number of reps you could perform before complete muscle fatigue.

This is you reference level for this particular exercise and should be recorded in your weight training journal.

Next time try the same step-by-step formula to determine training loads for all exercises.

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