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Selecting best Weight Training Exercises can make the difference between great results and mediocre ones. Discover the best exercises per body part and build more muscle faster.

Exercise Selection is a crucial skill since not all exercises are the same in terms of muscular strength and performance.

In this article I will reveal some excellent exercise selection tips and end with a recommendation of best exercises per body part.

My top 5 tips on Proper Exercise Selection

1. Free Weight Exercises should be the core of your workouts. If maximum results in short time is what you seek then there is no alternative to free weight exercises using barbells.

2. Choose at least one free weight barbell exercise {multi-joint } and another one as a finishing move {a single-joint exercise}. For example for Chest workouts, I always do a Bench Press and then after 3-5 sets I finish it with a chest flye or machine flye.

3. Make sure these top 5 exercises are part of your weekly workouts. Bench Press, Clean and Press, Deadlifts, Rows and Squats. These exercises have build more muscles than all others put together.These Exercises are multi-joint exercise causing largest release of testosterone in the body and helps build muscle and strength faster.

4. Keep dumbbell alternatives open at all times. When the Bench Press is occupied, instead of waiting and wasting my time I run over to do dumbbell presses. This is as good as bench press and may be better due to increased range of motion.

5. If you are involved in sports, then select sport-specific exercises. For example rowers should include bent over rows and t-bar rows, runners should lunges and swimmers should include lat pull downs and pull ups for better sport-specific conditioning.

Best Weight Training Exercises

Now its time to discover the best Weight Training Exercises of all time. These exercises are the bread and butter ones for both amateur and professional bodybuilders. If they can add mass and make such freakish physiques then we surely can make a mini-bodybuilder physique.

Also these create the best muscle hormone responses so crucial for weight training results. Do not start a Weight Lifting Plan without these Basic Mass Builders. 

Building Chest Muscles.

1.Flat and Incline Bench Press
2. Dumbbell Flys or Peck-decks or Pullovers

Building Shoulder Muscles

1.Shoulder Barbell Press
2. Lateral Raises

Building Back Muscles

1.Chin-ups/Lat Pull downs
2. Bent-over-barbell rows
3. Deadlifts

Building Leg Muscles

2. Leg Curls
3. Calf Raises

Building Arms and Forearms

1. Barbell Curls
2. Dumbbell Curls
3. Dips
4. Triceps Pull downs/ Triceps Extension
5. Wrist Curls

Building Abdominals

2. Reverse Crunches Recommends the Best Exercises ebook...

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P.S. - A Personal Trainer can help you decide the best exercises and design a sound nutrition program as well.

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