Dumbbell flys exercise - Inner Chest Muscle Building Exercise

Why are dumbbell flys so effective

Lack of variation in chest training can create disparity among the same muscle. Adding flys to presses will make your chest muscles strong and muscular.

Bench press works on chest only up to the first 60-70% of pressing movement when it is taken over by anterior deltoids. T

his makes fly moves more important as pectoral muscles function to bring arms towards the center and flys help do just tat.

Dumbbell Flys are a great way to build inner chest. It gives chest muscle the complete look and feel.

Check how to do Dumbbell flys, incline and decline dumbbell Flys.

Dumbbell flys starting position

Purpose -- To Build Muscle Mass in the inner chest.

Along with Bench Press, dumbbell flys are required to develop a complete chest. Flys are a must and make it a regular part of your chest training.

Execution Technique.

Grab a pair of dumbbells and lie on an exercise bench. This exercise can be performed flat, inclined or declined.

Chest flys midpoint position


1. Lie flat on the bench keeping your feet on floor for better balance.

2. Hold the dumbbells at arms length above you with palms facing each other.

3. Now lower the dumbbells by bending the elbows slightly, and lower them only to a level parallel to the floor. DO NOT go beyond this point or lower.

4. Now return the weight to the starting position thrusting and squeezing the chest.

Repeat this movement to complete the set.

Are you doing his mistake when performing dumbbell flys?

1. Locked elbows are a big NO

Always unlock your elbows, meaning bend your arms at elbows. This will stimulate your chest muscles without overloading the shoulder muscles.

2. Upper arms too low are a big NO

Although it might feel like a good stretch, lowering your arms below parallel can stress the shoulder capsule and elbow joints.



Points to remember

  • Remember exert while you exert.
  • Keep a controlled motion and avoid jerky movements
  • Do not bounce the weights off the chest
  • Avoid arching of back as much as possible

Safety and Efficiency Tips

1. Bend your elbows slightly and do not go below shoulder level. Maintain upper arms parallel to the floor to prevent shouldr joint stress.

2.Always perform the Chest Exercises before you perform triceps. This sequence is very important because if you do triceps before chest, the triceps will fail before chest and you cannot lift heavier in Bench press thus not stimulating chest enough.

Just to it.

Variations of
Dumbbell Flys

1. Incline Dumbbell Flys

This exercise emphasis on the upper chest region.

This is done just like the regular dumbbell flys keeping the bench inclined 45 degrees but lower the weight on to your upper chest.

2. Decline Dumbbell Flys

This Exercise emphasis on the Lower chest region.

This is done just like the regular dumbbell flys keeping the bench declined at 45 degrees but lower the weight on to your lower chest.

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