Decline Bench Press Exercise with Barbells and Dumbbells

Why is Decline Bench Press so effective?

Decline bench press exercise specifically works on the lower chest muscles. Check the correct technique for decline dumbbell, barbell and smith machine bench press and blast your lower chest now.

Does it offer any benefit over regular or flat bench press? Is it pointless? Lets find out.

I will even add around the world decline dumbbell press variation.

Execution Technique - How to do Decline Bench Press properly

Decline Bench press is done on an decline bench with a heavy loaded barbell with hands in a medium grip.

You can also use a set of dumbbells or perform them on a Smith machine. Smith machine restricts the movement so use them sparingly.


1. Lie back on a decline bench press or a smith machine at decline level and grasp the bar with a medium hand grip.

2. Lift the bar overhead and extend it till arms are nearly locked.

3. Now lower the bar to nipple level and feel a good stretch in the chest muscles.

4. Push back the bar or machine handle to the top position keeping your chest contracted at all time.

Points to Remember

  • Exhale while you exert for maximum strength.
  • Use a spotter to avoid Bench Press Injury.

Decline Bench Press with dumbbells


The dumbbell version is better than barbells as it allows for better range of motion and incorporates the shoulder and chest stabilizers more.

Any Benefit of Decline Bench press?

Some experts say decline bench press offer no benefit over flat bench press and is a pointless exercise addition, but bodybuilders who use them swear that it makes a big difference.

They claim decline bench press adds mass to lower chest and even help build a great ribcage. Try for yourself and let me know.

Around the world decline dumbbell press variation

Want to work your chest/pectoral muscles from all angles possible? Enter around the world bench press. You can do them flat or declined.

Here's how: Pick a set of dumbbells using half the weight or even less than you normally use for bench press.

Lie on a flat or decline bench with your arms extended above your head, not in front as you would do in regular bench press.

Now swing your arms forming a circle with both arms in the air until your arms end up right above your hips/thighs. Maintain tension. Do not touch the dumbbells.

Now swing your arms back to the start over the head position maintaining the tension throughout.

Enjoy the pain and let me know the results.

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