Kettlebell/Dumbbell Floor Press Exercise |One arm & alternating Press

Why are kettlebell floor presses such an effective exercise

Kettlebell/Dumbbell Floor Press is an excellent exercise to Build Strength and Muscle in Chest, shoulders, and arms.

Floor Presses provides 3 distinct advantages

  1. They are easier on your shoulders as the arms are screwed in to your shoulder sockets making them safe.
  2. They work the small, stabilizing muscles of the rotator cuff in addition to biceps, triceps and pectorals.
  3. They do not require a bench and can be done at home.

Disadvantage of floor press

A bench allows from maximum pectoral muscles range of motion unlike the floor press which limits the range and the chest muscle stimulation.

Purpose - To Build Muscle mass and Strength in Chest Muscles primarily and biceps and triceps secondarily.

Execution Technique with proper form

This Exercise can be done using Dumbbells or Kettlebells. It can be done two arms at a time or in an alternating fashion.

Steps - Two arm kettlebell or dumbbell floor press


  1. Lie on a flat surface holding a pair of Kettlebells/Dumbbells at shoulder levels.
  2. Now press the KB/DB as in Bench Press until the arm is locked out.
  3. In Alternating Floor Press you alternate between the right and left KB/DBs. In One arm Floor Press do it one arm at a time and switch to the other.
  4. Turning and Pivoting the legs to the opposite side gives you a longer range of motion. This extended version helps you lift for longer of motion.

One arm or alternating Kettlebell floor press


Dumbbell Floor Press Variation

Instead of kettlebells use dumbbells and perform floor presses.

Remember you can also do the dumbbell version with a neutral grip and elbows tucked near your body. Your choice.


Dumbbell Floor Flys

If you are a little creative you already of thinking of doing flys on floor with dumbbells. Right? Yes you can do them. Here are the illustrations.


How to make Floor Presses better

  • Make sure you use the proper Kettlebell Weights. You can use 35 lbs or 53 lbs Kettlebells depending on your strength.
  • Avoid jerky movements as more momentum you use the less will be the muscle tension produced.
  • Imagine pushing yourself through the floor as your press the kettlebells or dumbbells away from the body.
  • Keep your abs, glutes and core muscles tight and hard for more stability and strength.
  • Try to crush the kettlebell or dumbbell as it increases the lifting power by the principle of irradiation.
  • In one arm version, do reps with the weaker arm first.

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