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Myths and Facts of Weight Training for Women  & how to get started on your Weight Training Journey to a lean, firm, athletic, energetic & sexy body.

More Women today are seen hitting the Iron than ever before and for good reason. Women are seeing the increased benefits of Resistance Training and are becoming a part of this revolution. Don't be left behind!

This article includes Free Personalized  Weight Training & Lifting Workouts  and Exercise Routines.

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Women Weight Training


Weight Training for Women facts and fiction

If you want to know real Facts for Women Weight Training let me tell you the reality - Weight Training is a blessing for women to get a firm, hard and energetic body. You be the judge - Would you like a flabby body with folds everywhere or a firm, athletic sexy one?

The answer is clear. You will definitely go for a firm, lean body.

And here in lies the secret - Weight Training and Weight Lifting Exercises are the only way to get such a body.

Need I mention the other benefits of Weight Training like stronger heart and connective tissues? What about stronger bones weight training develops that later minimizes osteoporosis problems. An hey a little extra strength is a benefit everyone wants. Need I go on?

But Women's Weight Training has a difference - Women do not train to become bodybuilders unless you want to be the next glamour girl on Muscle Mag soon.

I will clear all the weight training confusion you might have and then show you how to plan a Weight Training Workout for you.

{Note - Are you trying to lose Weight? Then Check the Weight Loss Section for the best way to Lose Fat permanently.}

Basic Myths in Women Weight Training

Myth: Weight Training equals Bulky body

Fact : To build a firm, tones body you must train with weights.

This myth is as common as the aerobic myth that Aerobics is all that is required to lose weight and weight training is unnecessary.

Nothing can be further from the truth. When you are doing aerobics you are shedding of calories but weight training fastens your metabolism helping lose weight faster and change the shape of your body.

The Body Composition determines how you look. 2 women with the same weight, say 120 lbs can look completely opposite if one has excess fat and the other has muscle weight instead of fat. One looks fat and flabby and the other looks toned and fit.

Men definitely use Weight Training to put on muscle but women can use weight training to get those muscles in shape, add firmness and get bounds of energy.

The most important reason guys get bulky is due to metabolic and hormonal differences. Testosterone, primarily a male hormone, muscle fibers makeup and biochemical changes are the real differences. Its physiologically not possible for a woman to get huge and bulky like men. But adding firmness and strength to muscles is very possible.

So what's the Solution

Keep the number of sets to low. Usually men's workout consists of 10-15 sets of a particular body part but women should go to a maximum of 4-5. Also keep the number of repetitions to 7-8 and train hard. Do not hear any Gym geek tell you higher reps for tone and lower reps for mass !! Low reps does nothing but waste your time, slowly exerting your muscles and taking 10 minutes for an exercise to be done in 20 secs.

So stop worrying about getting bulky. Get this myth out of your mind. Case closed.

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Myth: Machine Weights are for women and free weights for men

If you want to look lean sexy and hard then Free Weight Compound exercises are far better. This does not mean you should not do machine exercises though but rather make free weights with dumbbells and bars as first priority.

{ Note - If you have a history of injury or are overly concerned, Machine Weight training is the way to go }

Free Weights provide a full range of motion a limitation with Machine weights thus hitting your muscles hard.

Also Read - How to workout at home to lose weight

Setting up your Weight Training Workout.

Ring the bell, class is in session now. Get a pen or paper or open your Wordpad.

Here I will provide you tips on setting up your own personalized Weight Training and Aerobic Workout.

1. Determine the number of days and the time you want to workout.

I recommend 3 days aerobics and 3 days Weight Training done on alternate days as the way to go.

The major reason I like this is because daily exercising { whether aerobics or weight training } creates an amazing habit pattern sure to help you stay consistent.

Training in morning is great if you can as you can start off your day with a bang feeling great and confident all day long.

2. Training 3 days a week

If you do not have the time to exercise everyday then I suggest you combine your Aerobics and Weight Training in one session. But remember always perform Aerobics on empty stomach or perform them after Weight Training as your stomach will by then be empty ready to burn calories.

3. Heavy, free weight compound exercises and not fancy cool looking machines

Get serious. You cannot waste your gym time for less than perfect exercises.

Shoulder PressBench PressDead lifts  and  Squats  are the best way to go. You can start with  bodyweight exercises like pushups, squats and lunges before you train with iron weights. Check the Exercise Database to learn the correct exercise methods.

1. Seated Shoulder Press Exercises - You can use dumbbells or barbells for seated shoulder press also called military press exercise. Make shoulder press better with these tips.

2. Bench Press - You can use dumbbells or barbells for bench press exercise. Make bench press better with these tips.

3. Deadlifts - These are great for strong and lean back. Make deadlifts better with these tips.

4. Squats - Squats are great for leaner and stronger legs. Lunges are good substitute too.

5. Bodyweight exercises like  push ups, modified pushups and squats  are great as a build up phase for iron exercises.

4. Avoid Overtraining and Under training

Never perform exercises for more than required time. Your entire Weight Training and Aerobics session should not go beyond 50-60 mins. High Intensity exercises is the way out. Unless you exert your body beyond its limit you will never see any improvement. The body says " Hey I am good enough for ordinary work, but if you want me to tone up and grow then give me something I am not used to".

5. If you weight train diet becomes even more important.

Don't get too fancy and tolerate no perfectionism either. Plan a simple diet and stick to it. A portion of carbs, a portion of proteins and essential fatty acids like Udo's is the best meal plan.

Create a plan you can follow everyday for weeks and months together, not a strict diet for next 12 weeks and give up midway.

Remember a sensible plan is a better plan always.

6. Remain Consistentt

It has taken you years to become what you are and it will take time to get somewhere. Give 4 weeks of consistent effort before judging if your weight lifting plan is working. Don't judge too fast. You will only be disappointed.

7. Enjoy the Journey

Gym is the best way to meet people who are like you. Make a few friends, help some newcomers and there is a lot you will learn from them. Good places to eat, coping with everyday time management, staying consistent and an excellent way to make new exciting friends.

Remember "Journey is the Reward".

Weight Training Programs for Women

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Common Questions: Women and Lifting Weights

There are quite a few misconceptions surrounding the topic of women and weight lifting. Such misconceptions are generally rooted in a misunderstanding of the purpose of certain exercises and routines. Here is a brief look at several topics that can help dispel some of these misconceptions..

3 Reasons Why Women Should Lift Weights

There are many reasons why it would be beneficial for women to lift weights. The three top reasons are: weightlifting helps tone the muscles; weightlifting can help burn up stored fat; weightlifting can aid in enhancing strength. These benefits are all quite valuable on their own. When they are combined together, the impact on health, fitness, and appearance are enormous.

Is Lifting Heavy Weights for Women?

The answer to this depends on the particular woman and her goals. In general, however, most women prefer to lift very light weights since their goal is to tone the body. Lifting heavy weights, on the other hand, is designed to greatly build mass. Most women would probably wish to avoid packing on 15lbs of muscle. That is why they will not want to lift a massive amount of weight.

The Options Women have for Lifting Weights - Bodyweight, Free Weights and Machine Training

There are basically three different types of weight training routines a woman can employ:  bodyweightfree weight, and machine weight training. All have their value and stress the body in a different manner. Bodyweight exercises are essentially calisthenics for toning.

Free weights entail using dumbbells and barbells. Machine training involves pulley cables connected to weights or a hydraulic system.

Weight Lifting for Women - Gym or Home?

Should a woman lift weights at  home or in a  gym? Honestly, a gym offers a lot of benefits that training at home would not provide. That said, you can get a great workout at home if you put the effort into devising a well thought out workout regiment. For many, a mix of hitting the gym and working out at home delivers tremendous results.

Weight Lifting for Women - Free Weights or Machines?

The main value of free weights over machines becomes evident when you are seeking to pack on mass and become stronger. For most women, powerlifting and bodybuilding are not their goals. They are looking to become toned and defined. As such, free weights and machines can both be employed equally to attain desirable results.

Will Weight Lifting Help overweight women?

Weight lifting will help overweight women tremendously. When you lift weights, you enhance the development of the muscles. This will have a significant effect on the body's metabolism. But, while weight lifting is enormously helpful for overweight women, weight lifting alone will not yield results. Adding cardio exercise and a proper diet to the mix is a must as well. 

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Common Weight Training for Women Questions and Answers – FAQs

1. How much weight should a woman use when strength training?

Each woman will be different. You should always test how much weight you are using. Generally you should go with a weight that you can lift 16 times, but that still challenges your muscles.

2. What are good guidelines for weight training for women who want to lose weight?

If a woman weight trains twice a week she can reduce her body fat by 3% in 10 weeks.

A good plan is three days a week for 30 minutes.

Hit all muscle groups at least once, but not on consecutive days. Don't forget to get in at least one good core workout, too. Take muscles to failure each time for the best results.

3. How do women build strength without bulking up when weight training?

Women do not naturally bulk up when weight training. Women's muscles are not like men's and get lean and strong, not bulky. To bulk up a woman has to take supplements or other drugs.

4. Is yoga enough for strength training for women?

It might be enough as long as you are pushing your muscles to failure. If you are not going to failure then it is not enough. Try Power Yoga. or get  Exercise DVDs for women.

5. Is there a difference between women's and men's strength training?

There is no fundamental difference. Women just build muscle differently. Instead of gaining bulky muscles they gain lean muscle mass. Technique is still the same. For example the  female chest exercises might be same for chest training but number of sets should be low for women. Or check  upper body weight training for women.

6. How can women get lean through strength training protocols?

Women can use strength training to get lean through strengthen muscles, building muscles that burn calories and building muscle that takes up less space than fat. Simple aerobic activity and weight lifting at least 3 times a week can accomplish this.

These questions and answers should have covered some of the many questions people have about weight loss and the questions many women have about weight training.

There are a lot of myths out there and many were busted in the answers above. Learning the truth will make losing weight and getting fit easier for you in the long run.

7. How can Women exercise to Love Handles?

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8. Any good Arm and Leg Toning Exercises for women?

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