Exercises for Women - Body Toning Exercises For Women to Lose Weight

Exercise the wonder drug for women to look and feel Young

Want to look and feel younger? Then there is NO substitute for exercise.

And by exercise I don't mean aerobics till you are breathless beyond control. By exercise I mean resistance training exercises designed for women.

Weight training with dumbbells, barbells, kettlebells is the only way to get lean and strong muscles and improve bone mass. If weights intimidate you, try the bodyweight workouts and get a feel of weight training.

Later you can try dumbbells at home or even join a gym for more intense workouts if you desire so.

In this article you will discover Exercises for Women to Lose Weight and Tone Body. Exercises for Women over 40, over 50 and Over 60 with Tips on Aerobics, Abdominal and Weight Loss Exercises for toned Body.

Inside this article

Exercise at any age

Types of exercises women can do

Exercise for Women over 40, 50 or 60 years

Best Exercises for Women to Lose Weight

Melt The Fat Program for women

Exercise and Fitness-Learn these Effective Exercises for Women of All Ages

As a Woman you have special needs when it comes to exercises and fitness. Your muscle structure is different from men which means that the exercise program should be tailored to fit a YOUR precise needs.

You might not be interested in trying to create powerful bulk and large muscles, but I am sure you will definitely want to get fit and develop sleek, healthy, lean body. Make sure you read the Women's Weight Training  Section for more.

Exercises also need to be personalized depending upon the your beginning fitness level, health issues and age. Each decade of a your life brings new challenges, new hurdles and new exercise requirements.

Unlike the thinking that dominated in years past it is now obvious that exercises for women can help them get stronger and develop a tauter, tighter, healthier body.

Exercises for women will also give them an effective way to create more lean muscle, improve their mental sharpness, promote a healthier attitude to life, build stronger bones and restore a zest and happiness for life.

For many women, finding time to exercise is like trying to find a needle in a haystack, but it really doesn't have to be that way. There are plenty of quick options that can be squeezed into even the most demanding of schedules without ever having to miss a business meeting, luncheon or play date.

So hold the excuses and start moving!

Types of exercises women can do

Whether at home , at the  gym, or at the office, it is important to find exercises that fit your lifestyle as well as your schedule. Some fun and easy ways to fit exercise into your routine at home are by playing with the kids, walking the dog or vacuuming the house.

Working with weights or resistance  is extremely beneficial for any woman who wants stronger, healthier bones and a fit, toned body. Women begin to lose 1% of their total, normal muscle mass each year beginning at the ages of 19-21.

This is one of the main factors that results in that sagging skin and aged look that so many women are fearful of developing through the years.

In other words, "No, you don't have to end up looking like your mother or grandmother, if you take the time to learn the best exercises for women of any age."

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Simple Exercise Examples with Great Returns

  • Use hand weights or cans of soup to do a few repetitions of strengthening exercises in between loads of laundry.

  • Abdominal crunches can be worked in during television commercials, and squats or lunges can be done while checking email. It's simply a matter of doing it!

  • If opting to head to a  local fitness center , be sure it has everything you're looking for before joining. Most facilities have the option of child care, so it's possible to bring the little ones along too.

  • Take advantage of the variety of fitness machines,  circuit training  equipment or any number of classes that the facility has to offer. This is a great way of meeting people as well as getting in shape.

  • When spending long hours at the office, it is important to step away from the desk for a while. If at all possible, take a brisk stroll around the building, walk up and down a few flights of stairs or at the very least, get up and stretch your legs.

  • Some basic exercises that can be done in a desk chair include leg extensions, shoulder rolls and wrist stretches.

If you are already 40+ there are certain exercises that you can do to get back into the best shape of your life.

You can tame those flabby triceps, tone those thunder thighs and start making your backside firmer. These are not pie in the sky type dreams; these are real possibilities that are within your grasp.

You can knock years off the way your body looks and add years to your life with these exercise tips for women that really work.

My Top Exercise Tips for Women

The most valuable piece of information to keep in mind regarding exercise is to find a starting point and continue moving forward. Regardless of your age, weight or schedule, it is important to find activities that you enjoy doing and will continue doing either alone or with friends.

1. Your exercise routine should last for at least a half hour each day, although 45-60 minutes is best.

2. Begin with a 15 minute cardiovascular workout  to get that heart rate up to the target rate for your age range. This will get your body into the fat burning mode and for the rest of your workout you will be burning fat calories!

3. Women need to work with some type of weights or resistance at least 3 times a week, and even 1-3 pound weights will benefit your bones, muscles and body.

4. Never underestimate the power of exercises such as yoga, Pilates and Tai Chi.

5. Sometimes having a buddy is actually quite motivating, especially on those really lazy days when it's hard to get started.

Fun Tip - Fun games such as basketball, tennis or soccer can be enjoyed by the entire family; otherwise, biking, brisk walking or jogging can be enjoyed alone. There are so many options that are available to women of all ages that you really need to take the time to really research these exercise tips for women and put at least some of them into action.

Exercise for Women over 40

When considering overall health at the age of 40, women need to think about bone density, circulation and flexibility. This is a great time to start adding weights to your workouts. An exercise program including strength training, cardiovascular exercises and Yoga or Pilates will be a great way for women to get healthy now and to stay healthy over the years.

Exercise for Women over 50

For many women, reaching age 50 is a milestone to be celebrated as well as a time of realization and hormonal fluctuations. Aerobic exercises to improve cardiovascular health are a big plus. Women should also begin to use strengthening exercises to increase muscle development. Tai Chi, Pilates or Yoga are great exercises for women and these programs will help you maintaing and improve flexibility while offering you a well rounded workout.

Exercises for Women over 60

At the age of 60, it is important to focus on keeping joints flexible and decreasing the risk of injury. Stretching is vital at this age, along with participating in low impact exercises such as swimming.

You can still work on strengthening and building lean muscles with the use of light hand weights. Flabby underarm skin can be toned and tamed if you begin a series of exercises that target the upper arms and triceps muscles.

Cardiovascular exercises and aerobic workouts can be done but you don't have to do those faster, high intensity workouts to get results-slower exercise routines are effective too!

Best Exercises for Women to Lose Weight

-brisk walking or jogging
- dancing
-step aerobics
- power yoga
-working out with weights or resistance
- ballet
- spinning
- tennis
- trampoline workouts

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Common Chair/Desk Exercises Questions and Answers

Exercise for women who want to keep their curves?
Women can still keep their curves through exercise. The idea is to make sure that you are specifically targeting the areas you want to tone or drastically change and to go a little easier on the areas where you still enjoy a little bit of extra padding. Why should young women exercise?
It is important for young women to exercise because they need to make sure that they are going to be able to live a long healthy life. It also improves the emotional well-being of the person working out.

Should women exercise in front of men?
There is nothing wrong with women exercising in front of men. However, some women find it a little more comforting if there are just other women around. It is a personal choice.

Which U.S. colleges offer female students women only exercise times?
While there are too many to list, Harvard is one of the most celebrated colleges that offer special exercise times for their female students. There are many other private colleges that are following in the footsteps of Harvard.

Is the firm exercise program for petite women?
The firm exercise program is a great program for everyone.

Exercise for women who don't like exercise?
For the women who do not like to exercise, it is important to make sure that a fun and rewarding exercise routine is found. This way, the focus will be easily kept.

How much should a women over 50 exercise daily?
The exact amount of time a woman over 50 should exercise each day will depend on the physical fitness of that woman. Some women should start with only ten to twenty minutes a day. Women who are in great shape and who are used to a lot of exercising can exercise for a lot longer.

How much exercise do women need to stay in shape?
Typically, a woman will want to achieve an hour of exercise a day. This could be anything from visiting the gym, working out at home or taking the dogs for a few laps around the block.

Is a plank a good exercise for women?
Any exercise is a good exercise for women as long as she is taking her time with it, should this be the first time she is exercising in a long time.

Is squatting a good exercise for first trimester pregnant women?
Squatting can be a good exercise for pregnant women in their first trimester as long as they are taking it easy and they are using a support.

Do women gain weight when beginning an exercise program?
Weight gain, as far as fat, is not gained by beginning an exercise program. However, you may notice a fluctuation on the scale that can be caused by the retention of water or my increased muscle mass.

Kettle balls for women and how to exercise?
Kettle balls are used for lifting and such an exercise promotes good health through managing weight, combating many chronic diseases and boosting levels of energy.

What are some exercise tips for pregnant women?
If you were not actively exercising before getting pregnant, it is important to make sure that you are clearing it with your doctor before proceeding. Also, you need to take it slow and concentrate move on slow accurate exercise movements than anything that has you bouncing around all over the place.

What exercise equipment is best for pregnant women?
Almost all exercise equipment is safe for pregnant women pending they have been cleared by their doctor to exercise and that the equipment is not putting any pressure on the stomach.

What is the name of Japanese martial art exercise for women?
There are several different Japanese martial arts exercises for women such as Kendo, Karate, Judo and Aikido.

Women gaining weight when beginning a diet and exercise program?
When women notice the scale jump after starting an exercise program, it is generally because of water retention or muscle gain. 


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