Swimming for Weight Loss - Fat Burning Swimming Workouts


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Swimming is a great way to lose weight, build muscles and it burns fat like no other activity with a whole lot of fun.

Use these Swimming Workouts and Lose Weight using this Cross Training activity.

Not many activities help lose weight by burning calories, provide amazing muscle and strength workout and are fun to do. Swimming is such an activity. Great for overall fitness, heart health and when done in a sustained manner can be your Ideal Weight Loss Exercise.

If you remember from Aerobic Exercises section, I mentioned any activity that raises your heart rate to target range and maintains this elevated heart rate for a minimum of 20 minutes is an Ideal Aerobic Exercise.

Swimming is one such sport where you can maintain elevated heart rate for 20 or more minutes. Swimming Workouts for Weight Loss does these for you.

P.S. 1. This article assumes that you already know how to swim. I case you are new to Swimming then please learn swimming at your nearest Swimming Pool. I will give tips on how to plan your Swim Workouts for maximum Fat loss.

2. This article is different from Water Fitness which caters to water exercises for strength and rehabilitation. Please visit Water Exercises and Workouts for more.

How to use Swimming to lose Weight

The best way to use swimming is to add it as a cross training activity.

When you are bored with running, treadmill or other aerobic workouts, turn to swimming for a change to continue your cardio training.

Swimming for Weight Loss - Top 5 Tips for Swimming Workouts for Weight Loss

  1. Start your workout by doing simple body stretching. Stretch your back, legs and arms before you enter water.
  2. Start slow swimming strides and gradually increase the speed until it reaches your target heart rate zone as discussed in the Aerobic Section.
  3. Maintain this intensity for a minimum of 20- 30 minutes {20 minutes for men and 30 minutes for women }.
  4. Trying to swim aggressively will make the activity anaerobic and you will find it difficult to maintain it for the desired time interval.
  5. You can also add the concept of Interval raining to train with High Intensity.

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