Bodyweight exercises & Calisthenics exercises & Workouts

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Bodyweight Exercises {Calisthenics} are the best way to build Muscle and Keep shape at Home or away from Gym.

Check these Body Weight Exercises & Workouts to Blast & tone your Muscles. Bodyweight Workouts are functional, great for sports and stay in shape on the road or at home.

Lets see the Best Bodyweight Exercises

Although Bodyweight exercises I have explained train the entire body, I will divide these exercises by body parts just to ensure that you hit every muscle in one workout.

You can train Upper and lower body on separate days or train them together with 1-2 days rest in between.

Men and women train alike as repetitions do not count. The higher the better.

Remember Push ups are the secret weapons even military and marines use to train for strength and stamina. So do as many as you can.

Upper Body Bodyweight Exercises

1. Push ups Exercise

bodyweight exercises push up

When was the last time you had a total upper body workout?

Push Ups are the Best Upper Body exercise to build strong arms, chest and shoulder muscles. The core muscles help stabilize the body and therefore push ups offers a very effective abdomen workout too.

Remember to keep abdomen tight {imagine someone is about to punch you}.

Read How to do Push Ups exercise with proper form. Also see Hindu Pushups.

2. Wall Pushups or Bed Push Ups

wall pushups bodyweight exercise

Cannot do even a single push up? Try the wall Push up. Or the bed push up. Build some reps and then move on to tougher variations.

Learn how to do Wall Push Ups with proper form.

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3. One Arm Push Ups

one arm pushups bodyweight exercise

One Arm push ups are the ultimate in upper body strength. They build rock solid abs too. Abs of steel if you like. Master this move. I have explained in detail how to progress from regular push ups to one arm ones. Two more cool variations too. You will love it.

Learn how to do One Arm Push Ups with proper form. Also learn Chinese Push Ups exercise and Handstand Push Ups.

4. Pull-ups

pull ups bodyweight exercise

The only thing missing from push ups is the lat muscles. Pull ups build upper back muscles and also gives a great bicep workout. Plenty of variations like close grip pull ups, underhand pull ups and pull ups with knee raises for six pack abs.

Learn how to do Pull Ups with proper form.

Lower Body Exercises

bodyweight exercises

bodyweight exercises
  1. Bodyweight Squats or Free Weight Squats  - Done just like Barbell Squats but without weights. Progress from wall squats to Squats Exercise  from there. Also see Hindu Squats

  2. Lunges  - Done just like weighted lunges but without weights. Add dumbbell lunges  and barbell lunges too.


  1. Crunches and

  2. Reverse Crunches

Stretching and Warm ups

I encourage that your stretch at least for 5-8 mins before these exercises and do some skipping to warm your body up.

Check the Stretching Exercises section to learn more.

Planning a Workout - Best Bodyweight Workouts for Beginners and Advanced

Now you know close to 15 best Bodyweight exercises for upper and lower body training. Its time to create your own workout.

I suggest that you perform all these exercises for 1-3 sets each for as many counts as possible.

Sample Bodyweight Workout # 1

You can use the exercises mentioned in this routine or pick any alternative exercise from the numerous ones above.

Pushups 1-3 sets, max reps

Pull-ups 1-3 sets, max reps

Bar dips 1-3 sets, max reps

Hindu Squats 1-3 sets, max reps

Lunges 1-3 sets, max reps

Sample Bodyweight Workout # 2

You can use the exercises mentioned in this routine or pick any alternative exercise from the numerous ones above.

Hindu Pushups 1-3 sets, max reps

Pull-ups 1-3 sets, max reps

Bench dips 1-3 sets, max reps

Hindu Squats 1-3 sets, max reps

Lunges 1-3 sets, max reps

You can also add handstand push ups instead of regular push ups exercise.

Introduction to Bodyweight Training and Common Questions

Looking for Exercises when on the road or at Home? Do not want to spend money on costly gyms or exercise equipments? Or maybe you just want to have a solid foundation before you hit the weights?

Then Calisthenics also called Bodyweight Exercises are an excellent answer to these questions and also one of the best way to build muscle  and keep shape only if you know how to use them correctly.

What are Bodyweight Exercises or Calisthenics?

Calisthenics are exercises consisting of movements which use the weight of your body as resistance to work against. Its an extremely incredible and efficient way to build muscle and stay fit as it provides short bursts of intense training and only a few exercises covers almost all muscle groups.

When to Choose Bodyweight Exercises?

Although Bodyweight exercises are great to build strength and lean muscle, Weight Training still is the no. 1 choice to build Muscle.

But Bodyweight exercises have their own benefits making them an excellent alternative to Weight Training.

Benefits of Bodyweight Exercises.

  • They can be done indoor and outdoors without going to the Muscle beach for lifting weights.

  • Bad weather? Hate lifting metal weights? Then how about an intense bodyweight home exercise workout?

  • Cardiovascular endurance improves and so does your Muscle strength.

Expert Help is at Hand

If you want to have the best Body Body you want using Bodyweight Exercises then there is no better expert than Eddie Lomax. He describes excellent Bodyweight Exercises and Workouts in his Wonderful new e-book. Click here to find out more Bodyweight Exercises.

workout without weights

Bodyweight Exercises Expert Eddie Lomax.

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Learn the secrets of hard core bodyweight exercises that you can do at home with little equipment at Unique bodyweight Also check Mike's Bodyweight Training Section.

Have your favorite Bodyweight Exercise?

Do you have a great bodyweight exercise or workout? Share it!

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Common Bodyweight Training Exercises and Workouts Questions and Answers - FAQs

1. How often should bodyweight exercise be performed?

When you are lifting weights, it is actually best to work out one day, rest the next and then continue that cycle. This way, your body has proper time to rest and repair, which will result in great muscle growth.

2. How to gain mass with bodyweight exercises?

Work out with a personal trainer, with the right exercises and with the right amount of rest and nutrition. You can do These Three Best Bodyweight Exercises for Extraordinary Strength Building Here.

3. Any pro athletes who train with bodyweight exercises?

There are a lot of pro athletes who train with bodyweight exercises as it is a great way to stay in top shape.

6. How to build big biceps with bodyweight training?

With a proper mix of a proper diet packed with protein, vitamins, consistent bodyweight training and rest, you will be able to big very large biceps. The key is the consistency. But Can you Build Bigger Biceps with Weight Training? Find out Bodyweight Exercise Vs Weight Training Methods to Get Lean.

7. How to do a stiff deadlift bodyweight?

Keep your feet shoulder width apart, your back straight and keep your chest up. Stay in a forward looking positions and begin your rep by slightly bending your knees and your hips. You will finish the rep with your body in a fully erect position.

8. Can bodyweight squats hurt knees?

Yes, knees are an easily affected area of the body if the proper precautions are not taken.

9. Should you lift more than your bodyweight?

There are many people how can do this and do it properly. However, this is not something you should attempt until you have slowly worked your way up to that point.

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