PUSHUPS RULE! My PushUp Workouts and Routines

by Mac
(Red Deer, Alberta, Canada)

When I was younger, I was good at pushups. I was quite strong for my age(13). I could do 110 pushups without stopping.

But then, I got into weight training. For a while, I went back and forth with weights and calistenics.

I also did programs of both in one workout. While I was getting results, I could not get the type that I wanted. This takes us to the present time, or at least last yr till now.

Last yr, I started doing 300 pushups every day. I felt awesome. Combine this with some pullups and a little weight training, and I was getting in good shape.

I then got into old time training, then powerlifting, then olympic lifting, then all three at the same workout.

In four months of the three styles in one workout, I went from 170lbs to 185lbs! My bodyweight training went down the tubes. But for the last few months, Ive been working at bodyweight again. I love it. Especially pushups.

Ive gotten up to 50 in a row and want to get up to 110 in a row again. Or more. Ive been trying to put together a program of mostly bodyweight training(3-5 days a week) and a little bit of weight training(2 days a week) and some good cardio and core work. I have found some exercises in my experimenting that I think everyone should add into their training.

They are: Chest Dips, Handstand Pushups, Pistols, Burpees, and Commando Chinups. Thanks for reading my story. :)

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