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Mastering the Weight Training basics will take you along way not to mention the time saved due to injuries avoided.

This article focuses on Weight Training Basics, the best training methods/methodologies, Weight Training diets and supplements information and by the end of this article you will get started on your first Weight Training Workout, a result-producing one, that is.

Weight Training is the no. 1 athletic activity in the world and its The best way to Build muscle, lose weight {weight training for weight loss/fat loss} and get a fit body.

Lets Roll...Un, Dos, Tres { One, Two , three...}

  1. What is Weight Training

  2. Weight Training and increase in Muscle Mass and Tone

  3. The Overload Principle

  4. Basics of any Weight Training Program

  5. Workout Accessories, Are they essential?

  6. Gym or Home - Which is the best place to exercise?

  7. How Pencil Necks are getting Huge and Shredded!

  8. Frequently Asked Questions on Weight Training

  9. Related Weight Training Articles

  10. Related ExerciseGoals.com Sections.

What is Weight Training? And What are the Benefits of Weight Training?

Weight Training Exercises is the use of Resistance Equipment to help stimulate Muscle Growth, increase tone and strength. Weight Training is also called as "Resistance Training"

Weight Training Exercises should be used by skinny guys/girls who want to gain muscle mass and overweight people who want to lose weight. There is no excuse for skipping weight training sessions if you want a fit physique.

More people today are losing fat, building muscle and getting beach bodies and so can you. Now you have the knowledge, so what's stopping you?

At the end of this section you will be able to plan a workout plan for you, decide when to exercise, how much and what exercises to perform to build a quality physique.

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Weight Training and increase in Muscle Mass and Tone

The entire concept of Weight Training is based on the fact that your body adapts primarily to the stress in the Muscles and nervous system called SAID principle { Specific Adaptation to Imposed demand }.

And how do your Muscles adapt? By increasing Muscle fiber size. There is no Muscle hyperplasia though. So the number of fibers is fixed, the size can change many times over.

The Overload Principle

By nature human body wants to rest. Any amount of work and your body feels uncomfortable. In weight training, when you constantly exert your body to additional stress, it increases its strength so that it easily lifts the resistance the next time when it encounters stress.

Bottom Line - Give the body a workload it doesn't know and it will respond with bigger and stronger Muscles over and over.

So when do you grow?

You grow when you rest. The workout itself destroys your muscles. Therefore you need quality nutrition and rest to ensure that your body adapts by growing stronger and muscular by next workout.

Related Article - How to determine correct training loads.

Basics of any Weight Training Program

If you are new to weight training check out theglossary of common gym and training terms.

  1. Use heavy Weights

  2. Focus on Compound Movements

  3. Free Weights are better than Machines

  4. Train less than 1 hour per day and only 3-4 days a week.

  5. Train both Upper and Lower Body

  6. Stay focused. Stop the blame game and stick to the plan.

  7. Cycle your workouts to prevent plateau and boring workouts

  8. Measure your body every 2 weeks.

  9. Perform Aerobic Exercises 3 times a week

  10. Avoid Overtraining and Under training at all costs.

  11. Pass the Patience and Persistence Test. Nothing gets done without these 2 qualities.

    1. Use heavy Weights

    Isn't it Obvious? Training with heavy weights is the only way your Body realizes it needs to GROW. Train heavy but train smart.

    Lift the maximum weight you can under near-perfect form. You need to SHOCK your body in to thinking that it better grow if it needs to keep lifting these heavy weights. This IS is the best way to Build quality physique. Period!

    2. Focus on Compound Movements

    Compound movements are exercises which involve the largest muscle groups and hence hits maximum muscle fibers. This in turn will lead to a faster Muscle gain than isolated exercises.

    The 3 best moves are Bench Press, Dead lifts and Squats. They should be part of your every weekly workout plan. Also train Major Muscle Groups first in your workouts as they require more energy and concentration. Also bigger moves use smaller muscles for assistance so tiring small muscles will affect your big 3 moves.

    Cool Full Body Workouts here.

    3. Free Weights are better than Machines

    Arnold Schwarzenegger calls it the Gravity Principle. He says that although body does not know what kind of resistance it is working against {weather its free weight s or machines} you will see your biggest muscle gains by overcoming the pull of gravity and working in multiple planes {unlike machines which work only in one plane}. This may be because that Free Weights train whole-body as compared to machines designed for isolated muscle exercises. Not to mention free weight exercises simulate real-life movements.

    The Journal of Strength and Conditioning says that the 3 big exercises mentioned above produces maximum amount of testosterone [ the ultimate anabolic hormone } when done with Free Weights like Barbells and Dumbbells. Although Machines have the advantages of being safer, easier to use and have design flexibility, Free Weights should always be your first choice.

    4. Train less than 1 hour per day and only 3-4 days a week.

    There are 2 scientific reasons for this. Its a fact that your testosterone production production falls after 50-6- mins of training and cortisol { a catabolic hormone } levels rise after 45-60 mins of training.

    I have always found it hard to concentrate hard after 1 hour of training. It does become hard to concentrate as your energy levels are down too. Remember I am talking about training with high intensity here. You can add Variety in your Training later.

    5. Train both Upper and Lower Body.

    You think its obvious isn't it? or did you think otherwise? Either way let me explain this with a 3 part answer.

    First - Proportion. Nothing looks bad on a muscular guy with big chiseled chest than chicken legs.

    Second - If you don't train your legs with Squats then you are not utilizing the biggest anabolic exercise there is. Your results WILL be slow.

    Third - Weak legs and hamstrings are a sure way to get injured when you do Deadlifts, rows and your Sports skills will be diminished tremendously.

    Case Closed.

    6. Stay focused. Stop the blame game and stick to the plan.

    A good Muscular physique is the result of weeks and months of hard work day after day week after week in both the gym and at the kitchen table. If required try any of these Weight Training Programs.

    7. Cycle your workouts to prevent plateau and boring workouts

    Every workout works but nothing works forever. That's why I constantly add new workouts for you in the Weight Training Workouts section.

    8. Measure your body every 2 weeks.

    Feedback is the breakfast of champions. Measure your body every 2 weeks. Measure weight, chest, arms and Waist. Make course corrections if necessary.

    9. Perform Aerobic Exercises 3 times a week

    You cannot exercise hard enough if you are panting out of breath. Add 20 minutes of aerobics 2-3 times a week and see how your Muscular endurance improves. 

    10. Avoid Overtraining and Under training at all costs.

    Just follow the formula mentioned in Rest and Recuperation Section and you will be fine.

    11. Pass the Patience and Persistence Test. Nothing gets done without these 2 qualities.

    Enough said about this. Just do It!

No Weight Training Program should be started without these basic points. Marc David clears all the Beginner's Confusion regarding Weight Training Exercises, Diet and his secrets helps beginners avoid any crucial mistakes. Just see how Marc is changing Bodies at an alarming pace.

Workout Accessories, Are they essential?

Workouts Gloves, belts, boots are NOT a necessity but a luxury. If you like to wear them and can afford them then you can.

Although Weight Lifting Belts are recommended for serious trainers, they should be used only for heavy sets so that the light and warm up sets train the deep abdominal muscles.

You can find excellent Weight Training Equipment here.

Maintaining a Weight Training Journal

Let me tell you a secret. Its the best way to monitor your progress or its lack of. How will you know if you are getting there if you don't measure your progress. Don't be like 99% of gym buddies who are going nowhere. Download and use this free Weight Training journal today.

Gym or Home - Which is the best place to exercise?

A nice gym can range between 25-50 $ per month. It provides a comfortable and lively environment to exercise. You do not have to modify your workouts due to non-availability of equipments as almost all Exercise equipments are available at gyms.

If you prefer you can workout at home. You can a Home gym which can vary from a complete Home gym to a basic set of Barbell, dumbbell and Bench.

The choice is yours, its the effort and consistency that matters.

You can weight train at home or gym. Its your choice.

How Pencil Necks are getting Huge and Shredded!

Are you extremely thin? Skinny? Bones? Sean was one of them. Read his story to find out how he added 80 lbs of Muscle mass and learn from his secrets on Muscle Building.

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Common Weight Training Questions and Answers - FAQs - Click Here for Complete List.

1. Weight Training Equipment - What Should You Use?

A Set of Barbell, Dumbbells and a Weight Bench is All you need.

2. Can I Use Weight Training for Muscular Endurance?

Yes Of course. Use a Higher Rep count in the range of 10-30 per set. Use light weight resistance training here.

3. Can I Use bodyweight training between WT days?

This is excellent for adding variety, avoiding boredom but make sure that you train muscles not used in weight training workouts and not use similar exercises in your bodyweight training. For Example, Do not do free weight squats immediately after leg workout or push ups immediately after chest or shoulder workout. Check Bodyweight Exercises for More.

4. After a weight training workout is sugar good for you?

Yes. Glucose uptake increases after workouts.

5. How much protein should you take when weight training?

At least 1 gram protein from high quality sources per pound of bodyweight.

6. Can i lose weight just with Strength Training?

Of course. Check out our Weight Training for Weight Loss Section.

7. How to do weight training from home?

Check out At Home Weight Training.

8. How Insulin affects weight training?

Insulin sensitivity increases after weight training. Doctors therefore advise weight training for diabetics.

9. How many days should you wait after weight training?

24-72 Hours depending on your training status and nutrition.

10. Is weight training light and heavy good?

Weight Training loads depend on your goals - Light with higher reps to build muscular endurance and lower weight with heavy weights for building muscle and strength.

11. Can extremely long weight training workouts be effective?

No. If you are a Natural weight trainer. You will deplete all your muscle glycogen

12. Can weight training lower bad cholesterol?

Not Directly. But a good Weight Training program helps build muscle and mobilize fat when done along with cardio workouts.

13. Are 10 reps or 12 reps better when weight training?

10 -12 Reps to Failure will help you get lean and muscular provided you do enough sets.

14. Weight Training and hair loss?

Some research says so. Further studies are needed to convince me.

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