Weight Gain Problem for Imtiaz

by Imtiaz



Dear sir I used mega mass medicine of the few days and i have no result for this medicine. Because i am not used the gym and other activities. Sir give me a solution i want to make a healthy body because i have 6 ft height and body is very smart.

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How to Cope with a Problem in Gaining Weight

Though many people don’t realize it, and as the problem of obesity and the quest to lose weight has been around for some time, so too has the problem of gaining weight been quite disturbing for many that find it hard to gain enough weight for sports or to get a required weight for certain functions for example women that have very thin frames have been known to find it difficult to get and keep pregnancies.

One of the principal reasons why some people find it difficult to gain weight is because they have very high metabolisms that enable their body to consume the stored reserves of food very rapidly, making it difficult for them to accumulate weight.

Weight training is a must to gain weight

Weight training is an essential element in gaining weight. This is because once the nutrients in the body are transformed into muscles, they are harder to breakdown and use for energy purposes, and are usually the last resort during the breakdown process as the body will first use up carbohydrate stores and fat stores before going to muscle and tissue breakdown.
Therefore you need to have a good workout schedule and workout routine that works the whole body properly, increasing the resistance gradually to help you gain weight.

The right kind and amount of nutrition is necessary to gain weight

Not only is the right kind of nutrition necessary for gaining weight, but also the amount of food you are eating and the frequency at which you are eating will help to break the tie if you are facing problems with gaining weight.

You will have to first examine what foods you are eating, the quantities and frequency of intake. It will be useful to have a good mix of the different food groups, carbohydrates for energy, proteins for muscle, and the vitamins and elements to help the chemical reactions to go smoothly. Then you can have snacks of protein and carbohydrate rich nuts during intervals and also make sure to have a protein rich shake after exercises so that they body is supplied with nutrients at all times to use.

You might want to calculate you Basal Metabolic Rate, which will give you a good indication of how much energy you are consuming and thus how fast you are using your resources. This will give you an indication of how much food you can consume to offset this, so that you will still have reserves for doing other activities.

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