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Best Muscle Building & Weight Training Articles written by Bodybuilding Experts. Read straight from the fitness guru's and see how they take their clients to their Muscle Building Goals faster.

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What if the best Weight Training and Muscle Building Articles were to be found in one place clearing all your fitness confusions?. That's exactly what I have done here. Find the best articles on Weight Training Exercises and Muscle Building Secrets by Bestselling Expert authors from all fitness arenas.

Best Muscle Building Articles

How to Gain More Muscle in Minimum Time by Sean Nalewanyj

Is your Gym Coach Killing your chances to Build Muscle?

Weight Training is an advanced field now. Exercise Science is evaluating all exercises, training techniques and even nutrition hypotheses scientifically.

Lets not get left behind. Here I will share many new Weight Training Articles under different headings.

Also I will from time to time include weight training news, quotes and stories.

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Weight Training and Weight Lifting Articles

1. 3 Amazing Benefits of Weight Training and Lifting Weights

2. 3 Best Weight Lifting Techniques

3.  Home Made Leg Press Machine with Plans

4. Exercise program Reviews

New Special Exercises section

1.Home Exercises for Cerebral Palsy

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