3 Amazing Benefits of Weight Lifting

What are the 3 amazing benefits of weight training

Weight lifting has many benefits which may be physical or mental.

Physically you build up strength and endurance, and generally have a better body shape and posture, and mentally there is an increased satisfaction of setting targets and reaching them that may increase happiness, reduce stress and help your relationships at work and at home.

Beside these general effects, other less visible but nonetheless amazing and long lasting effects of weight lifting include;

1. The lowering of cholesterol levels: Cholesterol is manufactured naturally by the liver, but it is also got from foods such as meat and eggs.

When there is more cholesterol in the blood than the body can use, the excess lines the walls of the arteries restricting blood flow to the heart that generally resolves to a heart attack if not taken care of.

Recent research has proven that weight training lowers the level of cholesterol in the blood which reduces the risk of heart disease and a consequent heart attack.

2. The prevention and reversal of osteoporosis: It is generally known that as we age, we become less prone to carrying heavier weights.

Besides the fact that the muscles become weaker, and strength fails research has proven that regular exercises can preserve the strength of the bones.

Osteoporosis is the loss of bone mass usually occurring in older people. Regular weight lifting and other exercises actually reverse the disease and if practiced throughout life, it will mean better independence and better quality of life in the golden years.

3. Improved flexibility and endurance: A regular dose of weight lifting accompanied with the exercises of stretching and relaxing the muscles after training will increase your flexibility and also your endurance.

You can enjoy long family walks without getting out of breadth, you can bend in the garden without breaking anything, you can engage in play with the kids and grand kids without feeling strained.

These benefits are the less easily noticed, but more important in life besides getting a great looking set of muscles.

Some other important benefits of weight lifting or weight training in general include; helping the body to rest better; with the number of insomniacs increasing yearly and a lot of people are on sleeping pills, sleeping naturally without the use of drugs is a great benefit.

Weight lifting helps the body to have a better control of insulin levels that in affect reduce the risk of diabetes. A better and more stable blood pressure and the increase of gastro internal transit time are also important side effects of weight training.

Among other things, it has also known that weight training improves balance and coordination, improves the functioning of your immune system giving you better resistance to fight off infections and diseases, and also having a positive effect on your mood.

Therefore, if you have never considered weight training, it is essential that you start implementing a few sessions a week to your schedule. It will only benefit you in the long run. If you are already doing some weight lifting, you can rest assured that you are on the right track.

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