The 3 Best Weight Lifting Techniques

Weightlifting is one of the most popular activities among sportsmen of all categories because it is the number one way for muscle build up, for losing weight and in general  the best way to keep fit.

We don’t have to be Olympic champions to engage productively in weight lifting. There are different kinds of techniques as much as there are different kinds of equipments that can be involved and we can always find one that suits our needs and aspirations.

However the common ground is that no matter the technique or the equipment that is used, you will be gravitating to the same end, putting specific muscle sets to work, in order to lose the fat, build muscles and strength.

There are three weight lifting techniques that I believe are the best techniques or routines to follow for gradual build up of muscular strength, and the shedding of excess body fat. These techniques are discussed below.

1.Beginner Weight Lifting Techniques: The best technique for beginners and amateurs involve using a simple set of exercises that start with light weights and can be gradually increased as they build up muscles, strength and can tolerate heavier weights. 

In this technique, you choose a simple weight that is not difficult for you to carry, but becomes difficult after about 10 repetitions or more. Here you repeat the exercises in sets of 6 to 12 repetitions until you can’t do any more.

You can build more muscles with this simple technique just by increasing the load, and also by increasing the number of repetitions. When you have built up confidence and strength, you can then move to more advanced techniques.

2. Intermediate Weight Lifting Techniques: The technique that is best for intermediate to advanced users is one that involves changes in the different weights during a single exercise session. Here you start with a relatively light weight and perform about 10 to 12 repetitions.

After each repetition the weight is gradually increased. However while the weight is gradually increased, you also reduce the number of repetitions proportionately until when you are only capable of handling a weight that will bring failure (that is when you can’t lift anymore) after just one or two repetitions.

3.Advanced Weight Lifting Techniques: The third technique is for advanced and experience weight lifters. It is more challenging and very effective because it has to be done very fast for maximum benefits to be gained. 

In this system you employ different sets of exercises one after the other that target different muscle groups with only a brief rest in between them. Unlike the first two techniques were you can have a basic set of weights and are good to go, this technique might require you to have heavy gym equipment so you can be able to change exercises quickly to work different muscles.

For example you can start with training the Biceps, after a few repetitions you go on to the triceps. You can begin with the chest press after which you go to a wide grip.

No matter the technique employed, just doing the exercise once or twice will not benefit you much. If you have to build muscles and strength, you’ve got to hit the gym more than once or twice.

You’ve got to make it consistently and persistently. A few minutes daily will do the trick. Find your space, find your time and engage yourself in a few minutes every day for a perfect fit. Read about More Advanced Weight Lifting Techniques here.

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