Want to Build Your Own Home Made Leg Press Machine?

Want to Build Your Own Home Made Leg Press Machines?

Check out these favourite Home Made Leg Press Machines tips or Build your Own Leg Press Machine now. But beware of home made machines.

The Leg press machine is used to build the Quadriceps, Hamstring, Gluteus Maximus muscles and the calves.

They are important for a complete body work out and help in strengthening the bones and preventing injuries.

Strong Legs - Strong Legs are the cornerstone to a strong body. Add free weights to these machines and get strong legs, thighs and butt muscles.

Different Leg Press Machines Available

There are many different kinds of leg press machines available according to the aesthetics, and performance desired. Some typical examples here include

1. Powerline Vertical Leg Press,


2. Powertec Compact Leg Sled, and

3. The BodyCraft F660 Hip Sled/Leg press which is of commercial grade.


Despite the variety of machines on the market, there are some people that for whatever reasons wish to build their own leg press machines from home. In order to build your homemade leg press machine, you need to first find a design. Because leg presses deal with heavy weights, the most important design aspect here will be how to provide an opposing force to press against with your leg, and how to provide this force in a secure manner.

Home Made Leg Press Machines


You can draw up your designs, and even check them out from some forums of others that are doing the same thing. With a few metal parts like bars and plates, and the weights, you can set to constructing your homemade machine. Sometimes, it is possible to buy homemade machines also, and this can usually be found on the internet.

Are Home made machines safe and effective?

Not all things made at home will taste like your mom's bread. Unless you are familiar with physiology of movement and designing of exercise equipment, you will most likely make errors and your machine may make exercises useless or even dangerous.

Please bear in mind that if you can wield two metal pieces together does not mean you can make a good home exercises machine even though you might have the enthusiasm.

If your home made machine does not mimic normal body mechanics or are less than strong, then your machine may become a death

Exercise equipment is a billion dollar industry. They invest huge money into researching the best and safest equipment.

Although not machines might help enormously, a safe machine is always better than a unsafe one.

With these few tips I wanted to remind you the perils of home made machines.

And why bother with making complicated machines, if you can do plenty of exercises with free weights like dumbbells or barbells, especially when these exercises are perfect for functional training and give your body the right kind of stress, both
anatomically and physiologically.

Create your Own Leg Exercise Plan with your Own Leg Press Machine

To get the maximum benefits from your homemade or commercial leg press machine, you need an exercise plan that you will have to stick to.

Generally on their own, leg presses will only develop the lower body muscles. Therefore you shouldn’t over do them. It is best to schedule about to to three times a week for these and also to do them on alternate days.

It is the resistance that helps your legs build up muscles so raise the resistance slowly as your progress.

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