Muscle Goals - Is your gym coach killing your chances to Build Muscle?

Gym Coaches can be great Drill sergeants but there lack of advice on Training, Rest and Nutrition can kill your chances of ever building Muscle. Find out how to avoid these 3 crucial mistakes and Build Muscles Faster.

How many more Lat Pull downs coach you ask?

3 more and then move on to T bar rows and do 4 sets. Finish off with 4 sets of dumbbell rows. Then we will move on to Deadlifts. Then get some nice sleep and come tomorrow for triceps and Biceps training!

If you are training to Build Muscle and are a Natural Bodybuilder then the picture is more wrong than right. I hold nothing against Gym trainers, perhaps they are the best motivators around. I remember how a gym coach used to yell, one more rep for me, come on! And it did work very well all the time.

The Problem comes when you train week after week without any noticeable change. What's wrong here?

I will sum up in 2 steps

  1. Training and Rest mistake
  2. Nutrition mistake.

Weight Training and Rest

Clearly most people at the gym are overtraining. Not only they perform a lot more sets, they also provide very little rest between workouts.

Solution - When it comes to Muscle Building remember Less is More. Never perform more than 6 sets for any muscle group. This assumes that you are training till Muscular failure on every set. 10 sets of less then 100% effort are useless.

5-6 sets for major muscle groups like Chest, Shoulders, Back and Thighs and 3-4 sets for minor muscle groups like biceps, triceps, forearms and calves are enough to stimulate Muscle growth.

Its the quality of set that matters not the quantity.

This brings me to the all important rest and recuperation in the Weight Training world topic.

Here is the best advice - Never train two days in a row. Train for 1 hour thrice a week hitting every muscle group once. Take off every alternate day, sleep 7-8 hours every night and take a break every 12-16 weeks of continuous Weight Training.

Sounds simple right? It is. But you have to use these tips to believe.

The Number 2 mistake is regardingMuscle Building Nutrition

There is no point in training hard, not eating enough and then coming back to train harder. You will not grow and probably your muscles will shrink in size over time. You will get cut but with no Muscle gain.

The Goal of an intense Weight Training workout is to tear your Muscle fibers, signaling them that they ought to grow or else face the discomfort.

Your muscles react to them by muscular hypertrophy - increasing the muscle fiber size.

[Note - There is never a muscular hyperplasia, i.e. muscle fibers number never increase. Hyperplasia has been proved in lower animals, but yet to proved in humans. Muslce fiber number remains constant. But the size is what that's changing].

Most trainers just train hard and eat more carbohydrates with not enough proteins and fats.

Remember these 3 Muscle Building Nutrition Tips everyday

  1. Eat at least 1 g protein per pound of body weight. If you can eat 1.5 times than its better and its your call.
  2. Never eat carbohydrates alone. Eat a good portion of proteins at every meal.
  3. Drink 4-5 tsps of Flaxseed or Udo's Choice oil everyday.

Simple yet very, very effective tips.

These Training and Nutrition tips fall on the right side of the famous 80/20 rule in the Weight Training World.

So next time your gym trainer tells you to do innumerable number of sets just ignore him. You are better off with fewer sets and better rest & nutrition.

"Train to Tear and Eat to Grow".

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