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Exercise and Fitness - The Amazing Connection

In the Exercise Programs section  you will discover the best ways to lose weight and get lean but lets see some facts about Exercise and Fitness.

Before you begin a journey of exercise and fitness you should know how these two ideas connect.

When you exercise your body you are creating a foundation for a fit and healthy life.

Fitness is a measurement of your overall health, vitality and physical condition and no one can possibly say that they are "fit"; without a certain level of exercise being part of the program. Of course

a.  A good diet
b.  Adequate hydration and
c.  A great attitude

are all factors to consider when you speak of fitness, but proper exercise is a main component of any total fitness regimen.

There is a definite connection between the mind, body and spirit of any individual and without the right kind of balance it is impossible to achieve the maximum level of fitness and health.

It is through a responsible and carefully designed exercise routine that a person is able to gain flexibility, dexterity, balance and peak physical fitness.

Top 5 Exercise and Fitness Tips

It makes it easier to have some ideas that will help you learn the ropes when you are starting out on a program for better health and body fitness.

When you are ready to seriously begin your personalized workout regimen you can benefit from these top exercise and fitness tips.

1. Use music to help you push your body harder when performing any aerobics or cardiovascular workout. It is a proven fact that listening to an energetic type of music can boost the adrenaline flow from your brain and people will have longer endurance and stronger physical performance when there is a pounding beat to be heard.

2. Lemon or grapefruit flavored water will help you lose weight and it's great for your body. Essentially calorie free this tasty hydration will fill your tummy and help boost that metabolism into high gear.

3. Banish the bathroom scales and only weigh once every 2 weeks. People who jump on and off the scales daily are setting themselves up for disappointment because real weight numbers do not change in just a few hours.

4. Increase the amount of whole grain cereals, fresh fruits and vegetables that you eat at each meal. Whole grains can be just as important as those high antioxidant foods when it comes to promoting health, adding vitality and helping someone shed unwanted weight.

5.Keep the exercise routines varied so that you are always challenging your body. If you exercise the same way, the same time of day and always perform the routines at the same speed your body will learn how to compensate and you will find yourself losing weight much slower than in the past.

Top 5 Exercise and Fitness Facts

It helps to know the real facts about exercise and fitness.

Let's begin by saying that there are no shortcuts to success.

In order to truly be in top physical condition you have to exert some real effort and create a viable program that will let you accomplish your goals in a reasonable amount of time.

1. Yoga positions such as the down dog lift, the warrior 3 and the half crow lift can help you carve your body into a sleek, lean muscled powerhouse.

2. Working out with weights  should be a part of every individual's exercise and fitness program, especially for women.
If you are a female you can lift weights without worrying about bulking up too soon because in order to add just some lean muscle to her body it takes a woman about 3-4 months of seriously intense weight training with moderate to heavy weights. Please check Women's Weight Training  Section for more.

3.  Stretching  is one of the best things you can do for your body. This simple exercise helps strengthen, tone and lengthen your muscles; but only if you hold each stretch position for at least 30 seconds at a time.

4. No magic formula will make fat turn into muscle and muscle will not turn into fat. You have to lose that fat if you want to see your muscle definition and the only way to get flat toned abs and sleek sexy muscles is by practicing the proper exercise and weight lifting routines.

55. You need that Cardiovascular workout  added to your fitness and exercise routine to help improve the health of your heart and lungs. An added bonus is that a brisk 15-20 minute aerobic activity that gets your heart rate up into the target zone will allow you to burn only those fat calories for the next 45 minutes.

Getting started today on Your Exercise and Fitness Goals

Now that you have a better idea of what to do why put off till tomorrow what you can do today?

You can get started on those  Exercise and Fitness goals  right now. Speaking of goals, this is one step that many people forget to address when they eagerly embark on any kind of physical fitness program.

You have to set both short term and long term goals at the beginning of your fitness endeavor. Many people start their exercise routines with the best of intentions and lots of eager enthusiasm. Unfortunately this enthusiasm begins to slow and it is easy to forget that prize of a more fit and healthy body that you long for./span>

Having a list of specific goals will help you keep focused on the progress and accomplishments that you are making and it will make this journey to better fitness an easier task.

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