Top Ten Reasons to Exercise - 10 Reasons to Exercise

You have to exerciseto live! This is a bold declaration that everyone should hear aroundthe world. We live in a youth-obsessed society where people go toextreme measures to avoid wrinkles and crows feet and keep their flattummy and tight rear end. Yet, most of us don't put out the effort toexercise on a daily basis.

If you are worried about your health in any way or are concerned withlooking youthful and attractive into old age, consider the top 10reasons that every living human being should be exercising on a dailybasis. It's not about burning calories but about choosing to LIVE!

1. Live to Eat

Did you know thatwhen you workout and burn excess calories you can afford to eat alittle more without gaining weight? This is one of the best reasonsto workout if you overweight. Rather than just trying to restrictcalories through dietary change, you can actually create a largercalorie deficit by burning more calories with consistent exercise.

2. Live without Limitation

Joints and musclesthat are well conditioned are less likely to become injured duringevery day life activities. Mothers who don't workout throw theirbacks out while picking up children and secretaries who are unfitstrain their knees while un-jamming the copy machine. These thingshappen all the time, but if you are exercising on a daily basis theyare less likely to occur!

3. Live Life Fully

Do you find yourselflow on energy midday? Do you look at your children and wish you couldbottle up their energy? You can do just that by getting your own bodyin motion. Expending energy through exercise actually revives thebody and delivers more energy for the rest of your day.

4. Live Forever Skinny

Many women worrythat strength training will make them big and bulky like a man, butit is actually the opposite. A body that is well toned will appearmuch smaller than a body with less muscle. This is why two people whoweigh the same on the scale and are the same height often wear twodifferent pant sizes. Those who are more fit with toned muscles willfit the smaller jeans and appear thinner.

5. Live to Burn Fat

What else can muscledo for you? It actually increases calorie burn between workouts.Usually we only worry about what we are burning during the workout,but when you workout correctly you can actually start burning morefat around the clock, no matter what you may be doing! This isbecause well toned lean muscle mass burns more calories and fat atall times and because exercise keeps your metabolism speedy.

6. Live Disease-Free

When you exercise ona consistent basis you see the expected changes externally, but whatis happening internally is just as important. Consistent, vigorousexercise drastically reduces your risk of developing life threateningmedical conditions, such as diabetes and heart disease.

7. Live Sniffle-Free

Put away the orangejuice and lay off the expensive vitamin C supplements. If you want astrong immune system that keeps you safe from most of the bugs andviruses floating in the air around you, just exercise! Consistentexercise will boost your immune system along with your metabolism soyou stay thin and get sick less often.

8. Live Smarter

There have been manystudies over recent years proving that regular exercise and a healthylifestyle makes you smarter and better mentally focused in allaspects of your life. You worry about keeping your skin youthful, butexercise can keep your brain youthful! If you have problems with amind that just won't stay focused at work or find that you get moreforgetful by the day, exercise could be the best prescription adoctor could prescribe!

9. Live Happier

Who doesn't want tobe happy? Exercise has always been noted to release endorphins whichincrease feelings of happiness and a greater sense of well being, butit goes even further than that now. Research has now proven throughmany case studies that consistent exercise actually reduces theeffects of depression. Many long term sufferers of depression havefound complete relief simply by becoming more active in their dailylife and exercising.

10. And Finally, Live Longer

When you add up allof the reasons to exercise above, you come to the biggest reason ofall: exercise will extend your lifespan! Even more important thanlooking young and fitting into a smaller size is simply being alive,right? While reducing your risk of sickness and disease andincreasing your muscle tone you will be magically extending yourlife.

On a final note,exercising doesn't have to be a hated activity that you dread. Findsomething that you enjoy doing and make it a hobby. Get off the porchand play with your children, rather than watching them from adistance. Just move your body every chance possible and you will findthat all of the benefits listed here plus many, many more come yourway.

Common Reasons to Exercise Questions and Answers

1. Three reasons why exercise is important

Exercise improves endurance and cardiovascular conditioning.
Exercise can increase your strength levels immensely.
Exercise has the potential to make your body far more resistance to disease than it would be had you not exercises.

2. Reasons why men exercise

Men exercise for all manner of reasons. They will commonly do so to improve cardio conditioning, enhance strength, and improve physical appearance.

3. Reasons a person would begin to exercise

People will generally seek to exercise to improve their overall health and fitness levels. They also do so to enhance their muscle mass and to reduce their percentage of body fat. Some might also wish to exercise as a new hobby.

4. What are reasons to improve your eating and exercise habits?

Doing so will keep you from becoming obese. You will also keep a lot of toxins and free radicals out of the body. Exercise can also improve health and give you something fun to do.

5. Tell me the reason that men should exercise to be healthy?

Mostly, men are always at a higher risk for heart attacks and exercise will reduce the potential for heart problems immensely. Actually, it will reverse all manner of potential problems.

6. Reason why children choose food over exercise

Simply put, children do not know any better. They do not realize that exercise is good for them and too much food can be problematic. They are also not familiar with how bad food can cause all manner of other serious health problems later in life.

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