Weight Training for Kids - Kids Weight Training for fitness and athletics

Weight Training for Kids is very crucial in sports and to improve overall athletic performance. Check these best exercise tips to build strength and gain power.

Weight Training for Kids

Kids today are stronger and more athletic and the over-demanding sports make it more so important to train with weights.

This section is divided in to 2 parts

  1. Weight Training for pre-teens and
  2. Teen Weight Training


  1. Weight Training for Pre-teens

If you are a pre-teen then training is a Big NO-NO. Pre-teens should not train with weights and there is a good reason.

In pre-teens the bones are not yet fully developed. The ends of long bones have not yet united and are still cartilaginous. Andy amount of pressure will result in cartilage damage and may result in stunted height.

In pre-teenage Bodyweight Exercises are the best. Also called Calisthenics these exercises will add strength and stamina to your body making sure you are never out of energy in sports.

Here are the best Body Weight Exercises

  • Running
  • Jumping Lunges
  • High Knees
  • Push Ups
  • Chin Ups
  • Free Squats
  • Calf Raises

Check the Weight Training Exercise Database to learn the correct execution techniques of all the above mentioned exercises.


  1. Teen Weight Training

Teenage Weight Training is extensively dealt with here - Weight Training for Teens


Nutrition for Kids

The energy expenditure in kids is enormous but the high amount of hormones make sure they are never out of energy. Just go through the number of high energy activities a kid performs.

When you are training for strength nutrition becomes more important.

Eating a balanced diet comprising of a lot of protein, vegetables, fruits and carbs like rice, pasta and oatmeal is very vital to help you grow.

Add a Multivitamin to your daily diet and watch your energy level grow.


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