Exercise Sequence/Order - Arrange exercises in your workouts for maximum results

Triceps Before Chest is Bad Exercise Sequence

Correct Exercise order plays a crucial role in your exercise workouts. Learn the best way to arrange exercises to lift more and build more muscles faster.

Since the number of exercises in Exercise Database is huge, I often get emails regarding selecting and arranging exercises.

The first article on Exercise Selection will help you select the best ones and here I will show you how to arrange the selected exercises for better lifts. Believe me it is crucial!

How to Arrange Exercises

Arranging Exercises in a sequence is very important.

1. Multi Joint exercises for major muscle groups should be done before single joint small muscle exercises.

Exercises like the press, squats and deadlifts require more energy, better co-ordination and attention and therefore should be done before exercises like triceps extensions or biceps curls.

2. You can also do exercises for opposing muscle groups.

Examples include - Chest and Back, Shoulders and Biceps, Thighs and Hamstrings. Since these muscle actions are antagonistic {opposing to each other }, they can be done in an alternating manner. This is also called the Push/Pull method of split training.

3. Always perform triceps after chest and shoulders and biceps after back training. This arrangement eliminates the weak link and helps you lift more as your triceps are fresh for your chest workout and biceps are fresh for back training.

4. Priority Training - In this method you should always train lagging body parts first. I had this problem wherein my forearms and calves were always left out and out of proportion {smaller } to my arms and thighs. I started training them first in my leg and arm workout till they got proportionate with the rest of my body.

5. Pre-exhaust Training - This is an excellent variety training wherein you exhaust the muscle group with a assisted exercises and then train the large muscle group. A typical exercise would be to do lateral raises first and then after deltoid exhaustion perform military press, OR do dumbbell flyes first and then go to chest press. This is an advanced training method and should be reserved for first 6-12 months of training

The only exception to these tips are Total Body Workouts. Since you would be doing 8-10 exercises back to back, you can switch from one exercise to another in any order.

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