Weight Training/Lifting Frequency - Exercise Frequency to build muscle/tone them

Tips on Weight Training Frequency, how often to train, how many sets & reps to do and information on Training with Light Weights.

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Weight Training Workout Frequency

Weight Training Workout Frequency
is a common question. Check out the optimal time frame while training with weights allowing Effective Workouts and Rest periods.

What is the Ideal Weight Training Frequency? How many times should train with Weights? This is a common question asked by Weight Trainers.

There is no Ideal frequency as it depends on your goals, how much time you can devote and how your body responds. But I will give you a general Guideline used by many professionals and experts. It is,

"Training each Muscle Group Once per week will give it the best time to recuperate, allowing their growth and getting them ready for the next workout, provided you are training with High Intensity".

Tips on YOUR Ideal Weight Training Frequency

  1. Frequency of Weight Training depends on your Goal and the time you can allot to train with weights.
  2. Ideally you should train your entire body once per week. No more and no less.
  3. Split Training - You can train 3,4 or 5 days a week to train all your major muscles.
  4. Double Split Training - Here you train twice on some days. Ideal for Professional Bodybuilders with plenty of time on hand.

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As you already know that you grow when you rest. At the end of a killer workout your body craves for quality  Muscle Building Nutrition. I have found that our bodies require at least 1 week gap to replenish the energy lost, repair muscles and build additional muscle fiber size.

You can perform each Muscle group on separate days like in the 5-day workouts, You can train 2 muscle groups on alternate days like in the 3-day workouts. I have also provided Sample 3-day, 4-day and 5-day Weight Training Workouts here.

If your goal is also to lose weight then I suggest that you alternate your Weight Training and Aerobic Workouts, working 3 days on each session. This is the best way to supercharge your metabolism, lose weight while preserving muscle loss.

NOTE - Always keep at least 1 reserve day in case you miss a workout for any reason. This will ensure that you reach your weekly goals on time and don't have to carry workouts on to next week.

Split Training Workouts

Split Training involves training twice a day on certain days. If you are looking for more than 3-day workouts but not 5-day workouts then split training on 4 days can be useful. But remember it calls for a lot of energy and at least 6 hours gap between workouts on the same days. My suggestion is to leave it to the pros if you are planning Life outside the gym!

More information on Split Training Routines here.

Also always the  Weight Training Exercises in the order I have given them. It is very important. In that way you will have enough power on days when you train Major Muscle groups.

In between your weekly workouts proper  Muscle Building Diet and  Weight Training Rest is crucial for Muscle Recuperation and Growth.

How many sets for Weight Training?

10-12 sets for Major Muscle Groups and 6-8 sets for Small Muscle groups.

How many reps when Weight Training?

To Build Muscle 6-8 reps every set.

While training to lose weight as well reps in between 8-12 has been recommended.

Training with Light Weights

If you are training to Build Muscle then training with light weights is not useful as your body grows in response to resistance.

For general health conditioning you may train with light weights but when it comes to Muscles, its use it or lose it. So train with moderately heavier weights even if you want to just stay healthy.

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