Rest and Recuperation in Weight Training and Muscle Building World

Rest and Recuperation is very crucial to Building Muscle. Discover the best rest & recuperation strategies in between sets, workouts and how to take vacations without losing your hard earned muscle.

In dealing with The Big 3 of Muscle Building I have dealt with how important rest is to build muscle mass. Its when you are resting when you grow. Let's see how to make the rest our best Muscle Building weapon.

This section on Rest & Recuperation is divided in to 3 parts.

  1. Resting between Sets
  2. Resting between Workouts and
  3. Taking Holidays without losing muscle.

Resting Between Sets

The very resistance effort in the gym builds up muscles with enormous amounts of toxins mainly Lactic Acid. Lactic Acid is a byproduct of Muscle breakdown.  P substance is accumulated causing you pain and forcing you to rest.

But how much time will it take to get back and again my punish?

The best time period is between 2-3 minutes. This time allows your body to flush the toxins, bring in new fresh blood and help you take a breath.

Resting longer than 3 minutes will cool your muscles, reduce concentration and increase the gym time { this causes the muscle catabolic hormone Cortisol to be released in to the blood, not a good news}.

Resting Between workouts

The best to allow your Body part to recuperate from the last grueling workout is to give it a weeks time. This means each body part to be trained once per week. And to Build muscle this effort is sufficient provided your workouts are intense enough.

Keep your sports activities on days you are not working out. Sometimes you can replace sports for weight training like going swimming instead of those Barbell rows on Back exercise days.


It is very essential that you take a1 full week break every12-16 weeks from Intense Weight Training workouts. This time will allow your body and mind to rest and you will often see faster results once you come back from a vacation.

When you come back from Holidays you see sometimes that your muscles have gone on holidays of their own. This does not happen if you take breaks not more than 2-3 times per year. If you take longer and more frequent breaks then you will lose muscle. Period.

I highly suggest that even on your vacations you perform 10-15 minutes of Stretching and Warm Ups everyday. Its a sure way to stay Injury-free and get back in time to enhance your further 12 week goals.

To Your Success.

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