Ideal Training Frequency - Determine your perfect Weight Training Frequency

How often should you weight train? Discover correct weight training frequency for your goals and determine you training and rest days for efficient workouts and awesome results. Weight Training Frequency depends on your training level, time available and your goals.

Training Levels

Beginner and Intermediate Weight Trainers should find 2 or 3 days a week training preferably with a day on and day off very useful.

If you are using a Full Body Workout then I would suggest not more than 2 workouts per week. Every workout { since you will be training with enough intensity } will be very taxing on your muscles and nervous system and adequate rest is crucial for consistent progress.

Since muscles require 24-48 hours rest for repair and rebuilding, I would suggest that you train with this frequency for at least 12 weeks before adding more weekly workouts.

Remember, since you will hit the gym only 3 days a week training, training each body part once per week with high intensity becomes even more important. This is the concept of efficiency and is vital to your weight training success.

Advanced Weight Training

Advanced Weight Trainers should add more intensity in their workout via mores sets and training loads. Only then they should move to a 5 day training and make sure you need to train legs mid-week for a better upper body rest.

My at present training routine is like this.

Monday - chest and triceps
Tuesday- legs
Wednesday-back and biceps
Thursday -shoulders and traps
Friday - forearms, calves and abs.
Saturday and Sunday - Complete Rest.

Also use the sample 3,4 and 5 day workouts from the Workouts Section.

Weight Training for Weight Loss

If your Goals is to lose weight then you can alternate between weight training and cardio sessions on different days.

Example - Mon, wed and Friday - weight training; Tue, Thurs and Saturday - Cardio.

Maintenance Program

If you have followed the weight training program for 3,6 or 12 months and would like to maintain your present levels of fitness then you can perform 2 workouts per week and yet maintain those hard-earned gains. Remember you can reduce your training frequency but your intensity should be high at all times or you risk losing muscle mass and strength.

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