Breathing during Weight Lifting Exercises - Weight Training tips

Proper Breathing during Weight Training Exercises can help lift more comfortably and make exercises more efficient. Improper breathing habits can result in more damage than good.

Although it is very simple, most people are confused how to breathe during weight training.

The simplest solution is simply to exhale while you exert. This is as simple as I can put it.

Exhale through your sticking point

Alternatively put you should exhale at your sticking point, which is the toughest part of your lift and inhale during the less stressful part of each repetition.

For example - When you do bench press, you should exhale while your lift and inhale while you lower the weights.

When you are exerting there is a tendency to hold breaths. But by holding your breath you reduce venous return to the heart and thereby blood supply to the vital brain leading to dizziness and fainting.

Never hold your breathe! It causes your blood pressure to raise higher and puts unnecessary stress on your heart. At least breath holding can cause light headedness, nausea and fainting attack and at worst it can lead to hypertension.

Special Consideration during crunches

Never hold your breathe during crunches exercise. Exhale as you crunch. Please take this advice seriously.

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