The proper number of reps/repetitions in weight training workouts

There is a direct relationship between the weight you lift and your rep range. The more you training load, the higher is the intensity and therefore the lower will be your rep range.

However you goal decides what rep range to be targeted.

There are no hard and fast rules but since muscle fibers differ in type and characteristics its best to go with mother nature here.

One point to remember

In the Weight Training world the phrase used by Arnold Schwarzenegger in movie, Pumping Iron" holds true. "No Pain, No Gain".

Only if you exert beyond your present levels of fitness will you see faster improvement. This calls for muscle fatigue in each and every set.

Your Rep Range

With this in mind here are my suggestions. Remember these are my suggestions and they have helped me immensely.

Your Goal -

1. To Build Muscle Size

Its best to select a weight which allows you to fail between 4-8 reps.

2. For Muscular endurance

Its best to select a weight which allows you fail between 8-15 reps.

Why this difference?

It has been shown that muscle fibers are of different types and high twitch muscle fibers which constitutes for muscle bulk respond best to higher training loads and low twitch muscle fibers responsible for muscular endurance respond best to higher reps.

No wonder weight lifters who train with higher reps have more muscle mass and marathon runners who train their slow twitch fibers are very thin!

Also if are new to training or coming after a long layoff {either due to holidays or injury } its best to train 2-4 weeks using higher reps.

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