Scrimmage Bodyweight Exercises

by m.camille gayle
(united states)

first i started off with scrimmage. then i turned on the music and started exercising. i did jumping jacks. and sometimes i go to the field and run it. i do ten runs.everyday i go there.

How to Get Exercise while Watching TV

America and most of the western nations are described as being a sedentary population. This means that on an average day people spend over fifty percent of their time sitting down and doing activities from a seated position. People wake up from sleep, ride on a bus to work or school, sit down at work, sit down to eat a t lunch time, drive the car home, sit down to dinner and sit down in front of the TV before going to bed.

No wonder obesity, heart diseases and diseases and injuries related to limited movement and inactivity is fast becoming a national scourge. While most of the time the blame for obesity has been put on the content of food and drinks, lack of exercise and rather lack of activity is as important a factor in the increasing size of people worldwide.

While we can’t always change our jobs, we may change how we spend our evenings.

While we may well accept the fact that we can’t just change our jobs or change the way we conduct most of our days, we may reduce the effect of inactivity by using our leisure times productively. An average American spends several hours a day watching TV and it is fast becoming one activity the family can do together.

One of the best ways to make this time a more productive time is to use this period to get exercise for your body. There are no standard exercises that are recommended here as you can do different exercises according to your tastes, equipments you have disposable and also the kind of space allowed in your TV room or Living.

Most of the time, the TV is in the Living room which is not a good place to have sports equipment lying around. However there is one piece of equipment that when properly organized has been able to find a place in many living rooms. This is the treadmill. You can get a good size that fits your living and walk on it while you watch your favorite TV shows or you can even keep the remote on the dashboard that may become handy when you need to change programs.

You can also have a set of dumbbells that take up very little space, can easily be stored and can be used to perform a series of free weight exercises for the whole body. The important point is to learn different exercises that you can do and then commit yourself to these while watching your programs.

For people that is able to afford a home gym, then watching TV here while exercising is not a problem as you just need to equip the gym with a suitably sized TV set. There is no reason to stay inactive. You can turn your TV time to a time to bulge up those muscles and improve your health.

Some caution though

For many people the exercises before bed may make them active, and thus may prevent sleep in the evenings. Therefore it is not good to indulge yourself in exercise just before sleep. Therefore it is better in the early evenings to engage in sporting activity so that you have the time to gradually relax and cool yourself down before settling down to bed.

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