How to Build Extraodrinary Strength with Bodyweight Training

If you want to get super-strong super-quick, you will be happy to know that you don't need any weights to do it. You can use plain old  bodyweight exercises to give yourself the resistance you need to force your muscles to grow.

In fact, everyone should start out with bodyweight exercises until they've built up a base level of muscle that they can then build upon with heavier resistance, and in this case heavier weights.

These bodyweight exercises will actually be more effective if you aren't used to work out. Your muscles are essentially going to be 'shocked' into growing. But even if you're an exercise pro, if you do the following three exercises three times per week, you'll find yourself getting stronger before you know it.

The Pushup Upper Body Bodyweight Exercise

You are probably well aware of how to do a pushup and you're probably surprised to find it on this list. Most people assume that effective exercises have to be obscure.

But there's a reason the military and martial artists, not to mention sports players, use pushups. By engaging in pushups, and derivatives of the common pushup, you can target multiple muscle groups at once, and that's when you'll experience the most gains of lean muscle mass.

If you really want to get a great workout with the pushup, do regular pushups, then spread your arms wide and do more, then bring your hands almost touching and do another set.

You can incline your feet while keeping your hands on the ground and vice versa or you can do jump pushups or pushups with one arm at a time.

The pushups is a bodyweight exercise that is essential for building strength and core balance and should be included in every workout regimen.

Pull Ups Upper Body and Arms Bodyweight Exercise

The military is also known for using pull-ups to help soldiers get stronger.

Most department stores sell pull-up bars that you can set up in any doorway without the need of tools. If you can't do any pull-ups at first, try propping your feet up on the back of a chair while you do them. Eventually, you'll be able to do one or two on your own and soon you won't need a chair at all.

You should alternate between hands facing out, hands facing in and close and faraway grips to alternate between muscle groups. The more pull-ups you can do, the more strength you'll gain in your arms, shoulders, neck, lats and many more muscles.

Squats - The Lower Body Bodyweight Exercise

Finally, the squat is perfect for building up the leg muscles. To do bodyweight squats effectively, place your feet a little more than shoulder width apart and make sure you squat with your knees directly over your ankles. Try to touch your butt to the backs of your ankles while keep your chest straight. You should work towards twenty-five at first, working your way up to fifty or more as time goes on.

Remember that you don't need exotic exercises or fancy weights and machines to gain crazy strength. You only need resistance and dedication. The pushup, pull up and squat will give you all the resistance you need. You only need to show up and actually do the bodyweight exercises to get the most benefit from them. Recommends - Workout Without Weights Ebook

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