Wall Push ups Exercise to Build Chest & Arms

Bodyweight Exercise - Incline Push Ups

Wall Push Ups is an excellent Upper Body, Body Weight Exercise. When done correctly it can build amazing Chest and Arms strength and a strong upper body

Purpose - To Build Muscle and Strength in the Chest and Triceps.

Wall Push Ups is a wonderful Bodyweight Exercise which I recommend to beginners .

If doing classic push ups is difficult then you can start with either Wall Push Ups or Incline Push Ups to build strength. Later I will show you more difficult exercises.

Execution Steps

  1. Stand straight with your feet about 2-4 feet from a wall.
  2. Now lean forwards and place your hands on the wall with bent elbows.
  3. Now push your body back to starting position using your hands.

Bed of Cot Push Ups

These are done just like regular push ups, except that you place your hands on a cot or end of a bed. This type of incline push up make it easier for you to progress to regular push ups.

Points to Remember

  • Exhale while your exert.
  • Stand at a comfortable distance from the wall. The more closer to the wall you go the easier the exercise becomes. The farther you stand the more difficult the exercise becomes.

Bodyweight Exercises

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