Pull Ups Exercise - One arm, Assisted, Overhand & Underhand, Commando Bar Pull Ups

Looking to build raw arm strength and back muscles? Then Pull Ups are a great way to start. Learn the correct execution technique and build your body now.

Purpose - To Build strength in arms and Build Wide lats/back muscles.

Pull Ups with its many variation is the best Upper Body exercise which can be done at home or at the gym. Its the first exercise every Fitness expert recommend as it hits a the largest muscle groups with large number of muscle fibres.

Execution Technique.

All you need a bar to hang from. In case of Assisted Pull Ups you will need a chair or a spotter.


  1. Grab hold of a bar with an underhand grip, hands shoulder width apart.
  2. Now pull yourself up until the bar touches the chin.
  3. Now lower yourself in a controlled motion until your arms are fully extended.

Points to Remember

  • Exhale while you exert.
  • Perform in a controlled motion without using gravity too much. Do not bounce the body weight.

Pull Up Variations

  • Assisted Pull Us  - In this variation you place a your feet/knees on a board or chair for assistance.

  • Overhand Pull ups - In overhand pull ups the palms should face away from you.
  • Underhand Pull Ups -  In Underhand pull ups your palms should face you.
  • Over-under pull ups - Here one palm should face away from you and the other towards you.
  • Commando Pull Ups - Keep one hand on one side of the bar and the other hand on the other side. Here you do push ups sideways wherein you pull yourself up so that the bar is hitting your neck region.

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