Wall Squats | How To Do Wall Squats & Stability Ball Wall Squats

Why are wall squats such an effective exercise

Bodyweight Wall Squats either free or done a with a stability ball is a great exercise to work on your hamstrings, glutes and core muscle stability. Learn how to do them now.

Wall squats are the first exercise I urge my clients to do for lower body as they force you to build leg strength, help ease into free squats and build a strong core.

Also you can make them more difficult on the core muscles by doing single leg wall squats or wall squats with a stability ball.

I will explain how to do stability ball wall squats after I explain regular wall squats bodyweight exercise.

I am sure you will also love the bodyweight squats and  Hindu Squats I will show you later.

How to do Bodyweight Wall Squats properly

Execution steps

Step 1: Stand up straight with your back facing a wall. Now take a step forward, first right and then left so that you are now standing two feet away from the wall with hands either on the wall at your sides or crossed against your chest.

Folded arms force more core stabilization.


Step 2: Lower yourself bending at your knees until your thighs are parallel to the floor. Make sure that your back, shoulders are held against the wall, always in contact.


Step 3: Raise yourself with the help of glutes and hamstrings muscles until your knees are fully extended.

Make Wall squats better

1. Single leg wall squats

if you have ever tried to do single leg squats you know how difficult it is to perform pistols even though you might be able to do 50 free weight squats. In the same way try the single leg wall squats, you might develop enough strength to do pistols someday.

2. Add Isometric Squats

At the bottom of the wall squat move, hold the position for 3-5 seconds to make regular wall squats isometric ones.

3. Stability ball wall squats

These are done by placing a stability ball across your lower back. Keep your knees slightly bent in the starting position and keep your arms either folded or held straight in front of you throughout the exercise.


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