How to Master the One Arm Push Ups Exercise

One Arm Push Ups is a very demanding bodyweight exercise to Build Biceps and Triceps Arm muscles and build strong shoulders and chest muscles too.

Check out exercise technique, pictures and how to make push ups better with variations.

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Muscles Worked in One Arm Push Ups and its Benefits

The Major Muscles worked are the the Biceps, triceps, pectorals and anterior deltoids.

Stabilizers are the leg muscles, core muscles and back muscles.

Benefits of One Arm Push Ups

This is a total exercise for upper body as almost all the muscles are involved. It works your arms, your chest, shoulders and your lats too. The core muscles are continuously active to maintain your body position. Therefore push ups are great for overall upper body strength.

Proper Technique to of One Arm Push Ups Exercise


Even if you can do 100 regular push ups I can challenge you to do 5 or even 3 proper one arm push ups.

Therefore it is essential that you progress from an easier position.

If you cannot do even a single one arm push up, then you can try the isometric push is wherein you stay in the bottom position for as long as you can.

After I show the technique, I will address how to progress from regular ones to one arm exercise.

Step 1: Get into a regular position with your feet wider than shoulder width apart for better balance. But instead of two arms, rest your upper one arm alone, the other arm firmly behind your back folded as shown in the figure.

Step 2
: From this top position lower yourself slowly till your chest almost touches the floor.

Step 3: Keeping your abdominals tight, push with your active arm, as if you are pushing the ground away from your body. Push yourself as high as you can with your arm totally extended ideally.

Why start at the top? Simple. You build elastic energy in your arms which helps you lift off from the bottom position.

Progression Tips - How to progress from Regular to One Arm Push Up


Progression 1: Start with One Arm Push up from a Bench or Table.

Progression 2: Then move on to One Arm push up with feet elevated on a bench or bed or table.

Progression 3: Move on to regular One Arm Push Ups

Progression 4: Progress to One Arm and one leg push ups

Progression 5: You can also add weights on your back like plates or a backpack to make this exercise the hardest possible. There is no limit to your imagination here.

Free Push Ups Workout


Regular Push Ups - 3 sets of as many as you can

One Arm Push Ups - 3 sets of as many as you can

Deep push ups between blocks - 2-3 sets of as many as you can.

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