How to do Hindu Push Ups

Hindu Push Ups are the best bodyweight exercise to build upper body strength and stamina.

Learn how to do Hindu push ups properly and build a strong body for sports, fitness and life.

In addition to  strength, you will also build flexibility in spine and hip muscles. Even if you bench press very high, Hindu push ups will be a challenge to you I bet!

How to do Hindu push ups properly.

Step 1: Get in to a regular push position with your hands on the floor and feet shoulder width apart. Make sure unlike regular push ups, your butt is in the air until your arms are completely straight.

Step 2: From this butt in the air position, dive in with your chest and head moving forwards.

Your chest goes very close to the floor and then extends itself to end up with you looking forward, head straight and arms extended on the floor.

Step 3: Straighten your arms once again and push yourself back to original position.

Repeat as many repetitions as possible..

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