Your First Pull-up workout - A Body weight Exercise start-up

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assisted pull ups

Want to start Bodyweight Exercises and cannot do even one pull-up? Use these modified pull-up exercises and get started on your Bodyweight workout for muscle and strength, anytime and anywhere.

In the Bodyweight Exercises section I mentioned Pull-up to be an excellent exercise for chest, arms and shoulders. Its a basic exercise every exercise enthusiast should learn how to do.

Unfortunately a few of you asked me that you cannot do even one pull-up. No Problem! You can try modified or assisted pull-ups until you get the strength to do full body pull-ups.

Assisted Pull Ups - Your starting place

The best way to get started are the chair-assisted pull-ups where you place your legs on a chair and perform the pull-up. You should as little assistance you can from your legs and perform as many pull-ups as you can.

Forget the prescribed number of sets and concentrate on doing 25-50 or more pull-ups. Target this number no matter if it takes 5 or 20 sets!

Your strength will improve over time. So please be patient.

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