Bodyweight Exercises vs. Traditional Weight Training to Get Lean



How do Bodyweight exercises stack up against Weight Training to Get Lean? Let's find out inner details of Bodyweight Exercises Vs traditional Weight Training methods to get lean body.

If you want to get lean, you probably think that you have to join a gym that has tons of gym equipment. But did you know that you can become the lean, machine you want to become without the need for fancy gym equipment? In fact, you can become lean right in the comfort of home.

Of course, bodyweight exercises will only take you so far. Sometimes you need extra resistance if you want to tax your muscles and force them to grow even bigger than they are now.

So both bodyweight and weight exercises have their pros, but each one also has its cons.

Let's look at the pros and cons of each so that you can decide which type of exercise is best for your workout regimen.

Bodyweight Exercises To Get Lean

The great part about bodyweight exercises  is that pretty much anyone can do them. Pushups, pull-ups, squats, one-armed pushups, etc.

They're all designed to pretty much use gravity along with your own body's weight to provide the resistance you need to force your muscles into growth.

If you have never worked out before or if it has been some time, then you will find bodyweight exercises very beneficial and, as long as you're consistent, you'll get lean in no time.

The downside of using only bodyweight exercises is that your body will soon get used to doing any exercise and your body will experience what is known as a plateau.

Not only that, but when you start becoming lean by using bodyweight exercises, the amount of weight you're using decreases.

The lighter you get through your fat loss and gains in lean muscle mass, the less your body has to work.

So if you're going to use bodyweight exercises, switch them up every few weeks or add more resistance to your exercises if you're able.

Weight Exercises To Get Lean

The best part about  weight exercises  is that you can target any body part you want as long as you have the right type and size of weight.

If you use the proper form when doing the exercises, and you gradually increase your weights over time, your body will continue to get stronger and you'll become leaner and stronger over time.

The downside to weights is that most people try to lift way more than they're able to.

Part of this is attributed to pride and the rest is a lack of know-how.

You should go light enough with the weights so that you struggle with the last two or three repetitions in your set. Any more than that and you risk injury.

Bodyweight and with weight related exercises. As long as you use the proper form, you bring it with the intensity and you continue to show up through consistency, whether you use bodyweight or weight exercises won't matter.

You now know the upside and downside to each method of working out. It's up to you to choose the one you'll benefit from the most in your quest to getting leaner and stronger. Recommends - Workout Without Weights Ebook

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