Chinese Push Ups - How to do Chinese Push Ups

Chinese pushups are great exercise for strength training triceps and deltoid muscles. Learn how to do Chinese pushups and add variety to your push up bodyweight workout.

How to do bodyweight pushups properly

Step 1: Get into a Hindu push ups position with your butt in the air, except that you place your feet together such that your heels touch each other.

Make a diamond shape with your hands wherein you place your hands together

Step 2: Now with a straight back and butt in the air, bend your arms just at the elbows. Do this until your head just touches the floor and forearms are tensed.

Its important to maintain a straight back and legs extended throughout the exercise.

Step 3: Now push yourself with your hands back into starting position.

Also do  Hindu pushupsregular push ups and other bodyweight exercises for total body workout.

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